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Virtual Programs

Don’t settle for just a virtual team building exercise when you can have a full, professionally facilitated team building program experience! Our Virtual programs provide all the engagement and interaction of an in-person event -remotely! We combine professional facilitation with an engaging and dynamic approach to bonding and impact. Tech-driven improvements have had a significant impact on our ability to deliver programs while enhancing true workplace inspiration. 

Virtual competitions, games, and escape rooms will bring cheer and fun to you remote team. Bond with your team with our interactive Virtual Team Building activities like Speed Networking, Impress the Sharks, or Competition to Collaboration. We even have intriguing, interactive Virtual Escape Rooms that test your team’s skills at solving mysteries. No matter which program you choose, your remote employees will love it!

A woman standing in front of a tv with the words building hybrid teams.

Building Your Hybrid Team

This custom virtual workshop will give you and your hybrid team a roadmap for moving forward while helping to organize yourselves for increased efficiency. Our “Building Your Hybrid Team” workshop focuses on methodologies that your group can use in future…
A man standing in front of a screen that says better virtual meetings.

Conducting Better Virtual Meetings

This virtual workshop will give you and your team the skills and tools to make your virtual meetings effective and productive. You will be able to plan remote meetings that will deliver tangible results with clear takeaways and follow-up action…
Developing emerging leaders.

Developing Emerging Leaders

Over a series of five group sessions, our Developing Emerging Leaders program is designed to develop high-potential individual contributors into your company’s “next generation” of leaders….
A man standing in front of a screen.

Launching Your Virtual Team

60-minutes to success! Congratulations – you’re leading a virtual team! Uh-oh – you’re leading a virtual team but can’t determine what’s working and what isn’t in your leadership style! Being a manager requires a specialized set of skills that include…
A man standing in front of a tv screen with the words leading virtual teams.

Leading Virtual Teams

This virtual workshop will allow you to hone your skills as a leader and manager of virtual teams. Whether you are an experienced or newly appointed virtual leader, you will be given specific tools to help you take your leadership…
Managing your time at home.

Managing Your Time at Home

Whether you have worked from home before, or it is a new experience, this virtual workshop will give you valuable tools and tips to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your at-home workday is productive. This course will focus on the…
A close up of a person's eye.

Seeing Things: Virtual Interactive Keynote

Seeing Things Virtually is a fun, motivating, interactive, and impactful 60-minute live webinar and Q&A with professional coach Tom Leu, where you and your team will learn the six practical strategies to “seeing things” more clearly. Combining instruction with selections…
A woman standing in front of a television screen with the words strategic leadership.

Strategic Leadership

Over the course of three group sessions, our Strategic Leadership program is designed to engage the participants to do a deep dive into each topic and, after a self-assessment, identify ways to become more efficient and effective in related day-to-day…
A man standing in front of a sign.

Understanding your Virtual Team

60-minutes to success! This fun course is an excellent way for your team not only to learn how to better work with each other but also to do it in a humorous, energetic, and light-hearted way. Our “Understanding your Virtual…
Are you smarter than a 6th grader?.

Virtual Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader?

You learned a lot in your early years of school, from geography to history, to math, science, and English. But, how much of your elementary school education have you retained as an adult? Well, now you can find out! Test…
A man in a brown jacket with the words best corporate feud.

Virtual Best Corporate Feud

Virtual Best Corporate Feud is our fun, fast-paced corporate game show that can be played by groups of all sizes. Our facilitator will ensure all participants are engaged and enjoying the action together as a group! Now is the…
Classic rewind quiz show logo.

Virtual Classic Rewind Quiz Show

Enter the “Way-Back” machine and throwback to your early years with our Virtual Classic Rewind program! Revisit your favorite childhood cartoons, commercials – even breakfast cereals – in this fun, interactive game show! Full of nostalgic childhood favorites from the…
A man is standing in front of a television screen with the words coaching and feedback.

Virtual Coaching and Feedback

Increase your ability and skill to provide virtual coaching and feedback that is engaging and effective. Develop trust and respect and promote self-awareness that will allow for increased development and focused career planning. Our training professionals, who have collectively worked…
Cod3 bkr5 - cydia - cydia - cydi.

Virtual Code Breakers

Put on your secret agent hat and get ready to go undercover with Virtual Code Breakers! In this thrilling, espionage themed trivia game, your group’s challenge – should they choose to accept it – will be to answer questions, tackle…
A close up of a sign.

Virtual Competition to Collaboration®

Virtual Competition to Collaboration is a professionally-facilitated activity-based workshop designed to engage participants in team collaboration and organizational synergy. Utilizing any virtual meeting platform and taking advantage of break-out rooms, this session will initially have participants working on a challenging…
A group of people in a circle with the word discs.

Virtual DiSC Behavioral Assessment

Our “Virtual DiSC Behavioral Assessment” workshop is a response to the sudden changes in the way in which organizations and employees work with each other and engage remotely. This workshop is designed to enhance participants’ ability to understand each other,…
An image of the earth with the words environmental trivia challenge.

Virtual Environmental Trivia Challenge

Virtual Environmental Trivia Challenge is a fact-packed themed option of our traditional Virtual Trivia Blast program. Combining state-of-the-art gaming with our engaging professional hosts, our Environmental Challenge is both a fun and informative way for your group to discuss and…
Guess that price logo with a man in a suit standing in front of a microphone.

Virtual Guess that Price

Delivered remotely to your team, our Virtual Guess that Price is a fun and interactive virtual gameshow with all of the graphics, sounds, and excitement of a live show! Not only is it exciting and competitive, but it will also…
Guest teammate logo on a dark background.

Virtual GuessTeamate

Welcome to Virtual Guessteamate, a virtual game show where trivia meets roulette! In this lively and challenging game, participants are formed into teams and must answer fun trivia questions. To win, teams need to score the most points. The twist…
A woman is standing in front of a screen with the words hooray for hollywood.

Virtual Hooray for Hollywood!

Lights! Camera! Action! Take a virtual stroll down Hollywood Boulevard as your group demonstrates their movie knowledge with Virtual Hooray for Hollywood! With state-of-the-art gaming and our engaging, professional hosts, your group will experience a full participant, interactive game show…
Virtual impress the sharks.

Virtual Impress the Sharks

Based on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the key to success in this fun and challenging virtual team building event is creativity and execution. Teams will be given the challenge of fulfilling a public need by creating a unique…
A man holding a card with the words virtual interactive magic show.

Virtual Interactive Magic Show!

Bring your team together with a virtual and interactive magic show! Everyone will be amazed through the computer screen as they participate in the impossible remotely. This is NOT a pre-recording. This is live entertainment where the audience’s choices directly…
A man holding a microphone.

Virtual Jeoparody!

What do you get when you combine state of the art technology, graphics, and sound effects presented to your group by our fun and engaging event facilitators? You get Virtual Jeoparody! In our take on the classic television game show,…
The magic of salem.

Virtual Magic of Salem

Looking for an exciting and unique way to bring people together for your next virtual event? Then we invite your group to experience the Magic of Salem Massachusetts! In this live, interactive show you will participate in spooky magic and…
Match me if you can - screenshot thumbnail.

Virtual Match Me If You Can

This game is so much fun, we forgot to ______ (fill-in-the-blank)! Match Me If You Can is hosted by professional and entertaining facilitators who will have your group collaborating to come up with a word or phrase that hopefully matches…
A man standing in front of a digital screen.

Virtual Meetings Tune-Up

60-minutes to success! How are your meetings going virtually? Do you find yourself asking for feedback and getting pure silence? Have you thought you had a resolution on something only to have people call you up afterward, saying they disagree?…
The logo for virtual mind games.

Virtual Mind Games

Get ready for a mind-bending experience! This event is designed to push the mental limits of your team. Players will enjoy a series of optical illusions and trick questions that will expand their brains. Creative thinking, logic and memory skills…
Morning jumpstart - screenshot.

Virtual Morning Jumpstart

Kick off your group’s day with Virtual Morning Jumpstart! This fun and engaging program was developed based on requests from clients to create an event that can be delivered on any day of the week as a fun way to…
Murder mystery mavericks on the case.

Virtual Murder Mystery: Mavericks on the Case

Get into the investigative spirit with our Virtual Murder Mystery program – Mavericks on the Case! The Mavericks are a team of elite private investigators for hire. Your group will form teams of 6, with each player donning the detective…
Music & movie trivia with taylor swift.

Virtual Music and Movies Trivia Blast!

Movie buffs and music gurus unite with this medley of competition! Our Music and Movies Trivia Blast combines two great games into one. Put your competitive group’s knowledge to the test and challenge your team with music trivia spanning the…
A woman holding a microphone.

Virtual Name That Tune!

Whether you pick the 70s, 80s, 90s, 21st Century, or a little bit of everything, strike a chord with your competitive group and put their knowledge of their favorite tunes and artists to the test, with Virtual Name that Tune!…
An image of an office party with balloons and people.

Virtual Office Party

Our Virtual Office Party is the perfect way to bring a remote group together for a fun and engaging team experience. Ideal for bringing some structure to leisure and socialization time, this program is a great way to spend time with colleagues…
A man in a suit smiling.

Virtual Orientation Game Show

What do you get when you combine state of the art technology, important information for interns or new hires, and an engaging and professional Game Show host? You get the Orientation Game Show! Played on participants’ apple or android devices,…
A woman presenting a presentation.

Virtual Presentation Tune-Up

60-minutes to success! Our Virtual Presentation Tune-Up is our introduction to our full-length Virtual Presentations workshop. Using the “flatness” of video as our presentation medium makes it increasingly challenging to make a lasting impression. So what can we do in…
A person using a laptop.

Virtual Presentations Workshop

As our presentations to clients and our staff move to virtual platforms, we struggle with how we can effectively connect with them. Using the “flatness” of video as your presentation medium makes it increasingly challenging to make a lasting impression….
A collage of people taking a selfie.

Virtual Scavenger Games SmartHunt®

Virtual Scavenger Games makes great use of our SmartHunts® software in a home environment competition. This high-energy remotely facilitated event is sure to capture everyone’s attention! During the Game, our professional Game Host will introduce various tasks, missions, and challenges…
A man in a suit and tie holding a microphone.

Virtual Speed Networking

This engaging get-to-know-you event incorporates a series of fun and challenging icebreaker activities and discussion topics, conducted remotely. Small sub-groups will be formed and placed in virtual break-out rooms with a topic to discuss or to compete in a mini-challenge….
A sports trivia challenge on a black background.

Virtual Sports Trivia Challenge

If you and your team love competition and are up for a fun and challenging test of all things sporting, you’re going to love our new Virtual Sports Trivia Challenge! Combining state-of-the-art gaming with our engaging professional hosts, our Virtual Sports Trivia Challenge is…
A man in a blue suit holding a microphone.

Virtual Trivia Blast!

Combine state-of-the-art gaming with our engaging professional hosts and you get Virtual Trivia Blast, a full participant, interactive game show where everyone plays throughout the game on their apple or android device. With a mix of multiple-choice, true/false, and fill…
A woman holding a microphone with the words 21st century buzz.

Virtually 21st Century Buzz

This is cray-cray! Gather your peeps for a look back to the beginning of the millennium with Virtually 21st Century Buzz! With state-of-the-art gaming and our engaging and interactive professional hosts, your group will experience a full participant, full engagement,…
A man holding a microphone.

Virtually Awesome ’80s!

Totally radical, dude! Take a trip in the Wayback machine to the days of big hair, mullets, and Members-Only jackets with Virtually Awesome ’80s! With state of the art gaming and our engaging and interactive professional hosts, your group will…
A man holding a microphone with the words back to the 90s.

Virtually Back to the 90s

Oh, Snap! Let’s bounce from modern times back to the days of hot pants, halter tops, and letterman jackets with Virtually Back to the 90s! With state-of-the-art gaming and our engaging and interactive professional hosts, your group will experience a…
A man in a suit is holding a microphone in front of a pink background.

Virtually Super 70s

Can you dig it?! Groove on back to the days of bellbottoms, tie-dye, and feathered hair with Virtually Super 70s. With state of the art gaming and our engaging and interactive professional hosts, your group will experience a full participant,…
A woman sitting at a desk with a computer.

We’re All Virtual: Now What?

60-minutes to success! It’s a bold, new virtual world, and as your team transitions from the office to their homes, they have had to adjust to the new normal. The challenge is what worked when we were all together, and…
A man standing in front of a news studio.

WFH – Work From Home!

60-minutes to success! Our “W.F.H – Work From Home!” workshop is the 60-minute version of our “Managing Your Time at Home” workshop. The concept of working at home has been established within some organizations for years. Others have only…

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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      What is a Keynote Speaker?

      Keynote Speaker is an often-misunderstood term associated with simply a motivational speaker, breakout speaker, industry expert, etc. Most professional speakers are not actual trained Keynote Speakers, who are specialists, therefore in much lower supply, and in higher demand.

      Keynote Speakers are experienced, professional communicators who engage an audience, capturing the essence of a client’s meeting. They are able to highlight it to their audience while simultaneously delivering their own key concepts and proprietary content in an entertaining and impactful way. Most companies understand that this specialization is very much worth the time (around an hour) and the investment.

      In order to capture the perfect essence, a Keynote Speaker spends the necessary time researching a client’s industry, their issues, and their audience to craft a customized presentation into a unique and distinctive moment specifically for the client’s event.

      As a top Keynote Speaker, Tom Leu strategically uses compelling storytelling, humor, powerful visuals, audio and video clips, and audience participation elements to weave an impactful message into your event in a fun and memorable way. Tom can also pair his Keynote with Best Corporate Events programming, laying a foundation and setting a tone that best prepares participants for maximum engagement in the forthcoming team events that day.