Corporate Events That Give Back

Besides flexible hours, friendly relationships with coworkers, and career growth, the incoming workforce — aka Millennials — want something else when it comes to their job: corporate volunteering opportunities that fulfill their social responsibility. For instance, in The Millennial Impact Report, they found that 55% of Millennials said that “a company’s support for social causes … Continued

Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day on April 25, 2018, is an important time for businesses to appreciate and recognize the hard work of their office support and administrative professionals. Contrary to popular belief, Administrative Professionals Day was not invented by Hallmark but was created in 1952 to recognize the importance administrative personnel played and continues to play … Continued

Indoor Team Building Activities

Looking to grow and develop members of your organization? Team building activities are a great way to engage current employees and develop deeper relationships so they can work better together. When these relationships grow, the better creativity, productivity, and quality work is produced. If you’re not consistently team building, now’s the time to start! Moreover, … Continued

Creative Corporate Event Ideas To Try

The six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan famously stated, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” When businesses are comprised of talented people that have a strong connection to the company culture and contribute to a team, the more success the organization will see. Even to the point where the employees and organization become … Continued

Culinary & Cooking Team Building

Our food-themed team building events are fun and delicious.  Each program is the perfect blend of good food, competition, and fun to encourage your group to work together as a team and enjoy each other’s company. Best Corporate Events will work seamlessly with your venue to arrange all the logistics from ordering the food to … Continued

5 Benefits of Team Building

Positive employee and team relationships are vital in today’s business environment. Rory Vaden, New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of Southwestern Consulting explains, “People who talk about teamwork as if it’s an important part of business are missing the point entirely. Teamwork is not a ‘part’ or business. Teamwork is the business, and the … Continued

How to find the right hunt for your team?

So your corporate group is on the hunt for a fun and thrilling team building event. You start by browsing through our Top 10 Programs, and two programs catch your eye; Amazing Chase SmartHunt® and City SmartHunt®.  Are these scavenger hunts? Are these team building?  Well, you are on the right path as they are both … Continued

800 person guitar build

800 Person Guitar Build in Nashville!

Near to a thousand people participated in our Build-a-Guitar program, 800 to be exact, holy guacamole! It’s not enough to have an incredible army of 800 guitar builders at this corporate event; this is going to be happening in the legendary “Music City,” Nashville! Nashville’s connection to music is unequaled, and its reputation as Music … Continued

National Puzzle Day graphic art with blue background

National Puzzle Day

We all love puzzles right? Well, at least some people enjoy puzzles! With the myriad of puzzles out there, it would be challenging not to like at least one of them, seeing how they provide use at home, corporate events, parties, leadership activities, and more! There are so many types we would have to start … Continued

graphic artwork with a dark background and colorful electric blue text

National Do Something Fun at Work Day

It’s #NationalFunAtWorkDay, and what a better excuse to do something fun at our corporate office with our very own team, we’ll take it! But what would befit the team members at BEST, a company that does team building across the nation and beyond?  Surely not a game of cards, or hopscotch. Perhaps Jax, or duck-duck-goose? … Continued