Enhance Your Company’s Performance with Proven Strategies from our Team Building Book

A book titled "10 Business Scenarios Where Team Building Leads to Success" with an image of colleagues celebrating around a conference table on the cover.

Inside the "10 Business Scenarios" eBook

Every successful business leader has a toolkit of resources they reach for when confronting changes and challenges, from recruiting strategies to business process and practice changes to investment decisions, and more. Leaders in high-performing organizations know that corporate team building and professional development programs are an essential and effective part of their toolkit, to improve communication, collaboration, and employee engagment, and to build problem solving skills and employee loyalty.

Business leaders know that team building exercises can be valuable in many different business scenarios, from adapting to change to managing growth to improving productivity, and more. But they may not understand exactly how team building helps in specific business scenarios or which activities are most effective for each situation.

This comprehensive eBook details everything you need to know to use Team Building to navigate 10 common business challenges. It covers in detail how team building in general, and what programs specifically, can help organizations successfully confront each situation and emerge stronger.

What You’ll Find in the Best Book on Team Building

  • 10 common business challenges and how team building can help address them
  • Specific program recommendations that will help organizations confront business scenarios and emerge stronger
  • Insights on the impact of team building in general on key benchmarks like communication, collaboration, engagement, employee satisfaction, and teamwork

Major Business Changes

Navigate new product launches and new enterprise technology implementation in the workplace.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Confronting restructuring, new leadership, and major organizational changes.

Managing Growth

Onboarding new employees and integrating newcomers in existing teams.

Integrating Remote Teams

Build relationships, create shared experiences, and foster collaboration with team members working in different locations.

Challenging Times

Managing in challenging economic or social times, boosting morale, and increasing sales.

Cross Functionality

Improving communication, collaboration, and trust across functional teams.

Celebrating Achievements

Recognition for high performance, and promoting health and well-being in the workplace.

Problem Solving

Resolve tough issues and make difficult decisions in more creative and innovative ways.

Post-Project Analysis and Debrief

Reflecting on a project's successes and challenges and carrying lessons forward.

Fostering Innovation

Develop 'tools' for innovatively and creatively solving problems.

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      Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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        Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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        Keynote Speaker is an often-misunderstood term associated with simply a motivational speaker, breakout speaker, industry expert, etc. Most professional speakers are not actual trained Keynote Speakers, who are specialists, therefore in much lower supply, and in higher demand.

        Keynote Speakers are experienced, professional communicators who engage an audience, capturing the essence of a client’s meeting. They are able to highlight it to their audience while simultaneously delivering their own key concepts and proprietary content in an entertaining and impactful way. Most companies understand that this specialization is very much worth the time (around an hour) and the investment.

        In order to capture the perfect essence, a Keynote Speaker spends the necessary time researching a client’s industry, their issues, and their audience to craft a customized presentation into a unique and distinctive moment specifically for the client’s event.

        As a top Keynote Speaker, Tom Leu strategically uses compelling storytelling, humor, powerful visuals, audio and video clips, and audience participation elements to weave an impactful message into your event in a fun and memorable way. Tom can also pair his Keynote with Best Corporate Events programming, laying a foundation and setting a tone that best prepares participants for maximum engagement in the forthcoming team events that day.