SmartHunts® Corporate Scavenger Hunts

SmartHunts, our team building scavenger hunts, are a must-do event for corporate groups meeting in a new city or location they haven’t had the opportunity to explore. SmartHunts® are not your average team building scavenger hunt. “Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.” – Jimmy Buffett

Using state-of-the-art smart technology, we’ve created a corporate scavenger hunt that your group will never forget. SmartHunts® are fun, challenging, hi-tech corporate scavenger hunts delivered using Apple iPads® and our proprietary SmartHunts® and Facilitator® Apps that utilize text messaging, audio, video, FaceTime®, QR Codes, iMovie®, social media, and GPS tracking to produce the best corporate hunts anywhere! SmartHunts are a combination of sightseeing, gaming, laughter, and team building.

SmartHunt’s challenging activities encourage your teams to think SMART as they use our iPads to find landmarks, solve clues, answer trivia, search for items, perform tasks, complete challenges, and take photos and videos during the hunt. 

We give teams permission to have fun! Every SmartHunt is customized for the client and to the area they wish to explore. Our team building scavenger hunt awards ceremony includes a live-feed slideshow of photos and videos shot by your teams during their adventure. Let us create a memorable bonding experience for your team.

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A group of people playing a game of tug of war.
Your group will star in its own Amazing Race with this exciting, technology-driven scavenger hunt. Once divided into teams, participants are given iPads loaded with instructions to navigate a custom route. Along the way they’ll hunt for clues, complete photo…
A group of people looking at a tablet computer.
City SmartHunt® is the ultimate technology-driven scavenger hunt. Your group will experience the interactive features of our SmartHunts app on Apple® iPads® that utilize text messaging, audio, video, FaceTime®, social media, QR codes, and GPS with built-in mapping to produce…
A group of people playing a game.
We took the popular Escape concept and made it high-tech and portable by adding escape stations and iPads loaded with the SmartHunts app. Teams are now presented with more exciting and enhanced challenges than what are offered at traditional escape…
A group of people posing with a check for the food pantry.
Locate and Donate SmartHunt® is a high-tech, CSR corporate scavenger hunt in which your group navigates through a customized route to complete text, photo, and video challenges on their iPads to earn points. Along the route, teams will have to…
The logo for virtual mind games.
Get ready for a mind-bending experience! This event is designed to push the mental limits of your team. Players will enjoy a series of optical illusions and trick questions that will expand their brains. Creative thinking, logic and memory skills…
A collage of people taking a selfie.
Virtual Scavenger Games makes great use of our SmartHunts® software in a home environment competition. This high-energy remotely facilitated event is sure to capture everyone’s attention! During the Game, our professional Game Host will introduce various tasks, missions, and challenges…
A group of people sitting around a table with laptops.
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Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

    If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

    Phone: 800.849.8326

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326





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      Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

        If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

        Phone: 800.849.8326

        Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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