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Ready, set, GO! Your high-tech team building scavenger hunt starts with an engaging physical icebreaker to form all participants into groups. These newly-formed teams are then given iPads® with Amazing Race-type instructions and must analyze the information and clues while developing the best possible strategy to beat the other teams and become the champions.

During the hunt, competing teams navigate along a custom-designed route to complete challenges and engage in fun activities and stunts. They will use our iPads to answer quizzes, tour points of interest, solve puzzles, and tackle photo and video missions during their amazing race.

Encountering Road Blocks and Detour Stations along the way, the groups will race to be first at each race stop. When they arrive, they’ll be participating in challenges and stunts to gain points and win clues to the next stop.

Once all challenges are completed, it’s a race against the other teams – and the clock – back to home base. Laughter, accomplishment, and fond memories are additional benefits to this event where trust, communication, and effective problem solving are the catalysts for success.

This hunt features two-way messaging so teams are connected with our lead facilitator, stationed at the ending location, who tracks racers using GPS and downloads photos, video, and scoring throughout the hunt for a big-screen presentation of the action shot during the event.

We can even produce a video of your Amazing Chase SmartHunt event to distribute to your attendees or load on your website! To ensure a great experience, aspects of these activities may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

SmartHunt® is a registered trademark of SmartHunts, LLC.

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Scavenger Games SmartHunt as a remote option!

Clients Talk About this Program

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Loved it! Extremely organized. The coordinators were so helpful and kept us engaged. The fun trick they did to get us to find our groups was different and fun too.  The best team-building part was acting out activities with each other, singing songs, and racing against the other teams. We had limited time, but we had a lot of fun!

The logo for tokai carbon.

Our group loved our Amazing Chase SmartHunt program! Everything was very organized and although it was raining, the team had a great attitude about everything and made it fun. Our favorite part was the roadblock activities, they were so much fun! We loved all the interactions our team experienced, and that everyone learned something new about each other through this activity. We hope to do another SmartHunt for our next program!

Tokai Carbon
Profile picture for inside incentive.

Forming the teams & solving the tasks as a team was the best. The group really enjoyed the Road Blocks game. The facilitator was awesome! Everything was perfect.

Inside Incentive
At & t logo on a white background.

The best aspect of the program was spending time with coworkers outside work. They enjoyed getting to know one another and learning how to work together. We loved watching the team interact during the icebreaker activity. There was so much energy & excitement in the room.  Makes me smile thinking of it today. The team had a great time! Everyone enjoyed the trivia. Very fun, engaging and everyone seemed excited to spend the afternoon with us.

Viewpointe logo on a white background.

The SmartHunt® was extremely organized. People were constantly working together to get tasks done and cheering each other on during the roadblocks. Also, with each question or task, the participants discussed things about themselves that never come up during a regular workday.  For example, during the handstand, we discovered a number of people were cheerleaders in school and one person was a dance instructor prior to joining Corporate America. Teams were laughing throughout but truly enjoyed being able to see the video at the end of what everyone else had been doing. The facilitators were tremendous from start to finish. They had the group laughing, excited and ready to go! Without a doubt – it was amazing and a HUGE success!


The logo for ventana, a member of the roche group.

Navigating through the challenges to try and win was the best team building aspect of our Amazing Chase SmartHunt! It was fun being creative with video challenges and the roadblock challenges were cool. Our group had a blast!

Ventana Medical Systems
Profile picture for technology.

We just wanted to say thank you again to you and your team for such an AMAZING day yesterday. The staff had an absolute blast and you guys did an outstanding job for us from start to finish. Please pass along our thanks to your team. It was great working with you and we will definitely be in touch for future events!!! I received the email with all the pictures and videos…we will enjoy looking at these for quite some time. Thanks again for everything!

Profile picture for pvh.

Your beginning icebreaker called Entourage with the entire group was a great intro to how we should support and “cheer for” one another. The entire Amazing Chase SmartHunt amazing! Everyone had a great time working together and your lead facilitator was a pleasure to work with!

Phillips-Van Heusen Corp.
Klein Hornig logo

Our Amazing Chase SmartHunt at the Washington Zoo was a great team builder especially the fact that program started by forming teams with people that we do not usually work with. The most fun was interacting with the children and doing all of the fun and silly challenges around the Zoo. Although it was a very hot day, I think our facilitator did a really good job with making sure we were all comfortable and our SmartHunt allowed us to move into cooler places. I feel my group really enjoyed the activity.

Klein Hornig LLP
A red h & m logo on a black background.

The team LOVED their Amazing Chase SmartHunt. Great use of working together and fun! The Back Flip challenge station was often mentioned as a great obstacle in the race. As a whole, our group said they LOVED it! They enjoyed all the activities and said they want to do it again!

H&M Hennes & Mauritz
Details nyc logo on a white background.

Your Facilitator chose a great icebreaker that really got the teams excited to compete. From the photos and videos I saw, the challenges looked really fun. It was obvious. The group enjoyed it immensely. My clients were very pleased. They said the facilitators were some of the most organized and professional teams they’ve ever worked with.

Details NYC
Ge logo on a white background.

Our Amazing Chase SmartHunt was extremely organized. The best teambuilding part of the event was the Roadblocks. The whole thing was fun and we really enjoyed watching the photos and videos immediately after the event. Everyone enjoyed it and got a lot out of the program. Great team building!

General Electric Aviation
The n logo on a blue background.

The entire Amazing Chase SmartHunt event was great and the challenges really encouraged the teams to work together. Watching the videos and images after the event was the most fun. Our entire group was very happy with the event. Many folks were dreading the activity at first, but by the end everyone was smiling and having a blast.

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
Philips Van Heusen logo

They loved it! I received many positive emails following the Amazing Chase SmartHunt event. The most fun was making our way through the city shooting photos and videos. At the after slideshow, I have never seen so many people glued to a TV wanting to see everyone else’s photos!

Profile picture for lesmills.

We loved our SmartHunt Amazing Chase. It was our most highly rated session of our event with 96% of our team scoring it as ‘Yeah, it was great’ or ‘Awesome, absolutely loved it’. I loved the ability to customize the content so we could work in learning from our event and the team commented they loved this too. Of all our suppliers for this event (and our two previous events) the team from SmartHunt was by far the most professional, easy to work with and fit well with our culture. We’ll definitely use SmartHunt again in the future and I’ll definitely recommend to other businesses if the opportunity arises. Thanks!

Les Mills U.S.
The options group logo on a white background.

We were MORE than pleased with how our Smart Hunt event at the Hard Rock Café turned out.  Your staff worked with us step by step of the way, even providing targeted customized content.  Our team had a blast and enjoyed working together to answer the trivia questions, accomplish the challenges, and then perform their chosen Beatle’s songs, karaoke style.  Your lead facilitator’s attention to detail, preparation, diligence in creating a custom “hunt” just for us, ability to motivate our team, emcee the event, and overall dedication to ensuring success was in large measure why things went so well. Options Group would absolutely recommend Smart Hunts to any company looking for a high quality, well run, and inspirational team building event. With warm regards.

Options Group
Allied pra logo on a white background.

Yesterday’s Amazing chase SmartHunt went so well and I heard nothing but great things from the client and attendees. Thank you so much for your help and flexibility yesterday! Hopefully we will have the opportunity to work together in the future. Best!

AlliedPRA Northern California
Profile picture for dassault systems.

Thanks again for a great team building event. The Amazing Chase SmartHunt facilitator was excellent and the team had a great time.

Dassault Systems
cogeco logo

Everyone running the Amazing Chase SmartHunt today was so fun. At each one of the checkpoints we had these great, different, kind of brainiac obstacles that we had to do. We also got to walk around and see all of the great sites in Chicago. It was an amazing team building experience. I would highly recommend a SmartHunt!

Cogeco Data Services
The boston consulting group logo.

We all had an awesome time today on our Amazing chase SmartHunt! Getting to see Portland, getting to know one another, building some relationships, and hopefully some lasting friendships – it was great!

Boston Consulting Group
The yelp logo with the words yelp building a better working world.

Thank you SmartHunts! I found this Amazing Race scavenger hunt to be extremely challenging, rewarding, inspiring, and collaborative for the team. Thank you!

Ernst & Young
The snowbird logo on a white background.

We were privileged to have SmartHunts with us at our resort today to do a teambuilding event. It was one of the best team building events we’ve ever held at Snowbird and I want to say thank you SmartHunts.


Ruth,  Snowbird Resort


arrangements unlimited logo

I want to take this opportunity to say (truly) how impressed I was with your team last night for our SmartHunt event with EXEL…. And it takes A LOT to impress me!!! Seamless and flawless are the only two words that come to mind. Our client said that the event stood out in all of their minds as the most impressive group event they’ve ever experienced in San Diego. Kudos Team! Great Job! I would gladly recommend and work with you all again on any program!

Arrangements Unlimited
NeoQuest logo

Thank you for sending us the videos from our Amazing Chase SmartHunt. Our group absolutely loved the event. I will be sure to pass this along to our team! Thank you!

marketstar logo

The team had a great time and the Amazing Chase SmartHunt was a highlight of the event. It really helped reinforce our messages of teamwork and working together. I’m looking forward to seeing the video as well as booking our next event.

Idom consulting logo on a white background.

I would like to thank you and your team at Best Corporate Events for a wonderful Amazing Chase SmartHunt event. Everyone was easy to work with, and everyone was incredibly helpful. I would suggest your services to others in the future.

Idom Group
Wells fargo logo on a red background.

Thank you all for a wonderful Amazing Chase SmartHunt today!!!! The team absolutely loved the integration of the iPad technology. I know you put a lot of work into getting everything lined up and it went great. We are looking forward to the pictures and video and reminiscing on what we did today that we never thought we’d have done without each other!

Wells Fargo

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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