Hydroponics for Hunger

A person is holding a tray of plants in a hydroponics container, ready for donation.

A wonderful eco-conscious charitable program that will educate your team about growing produce for nutrition and medicine, and the sustainable advantages of hydroponic (soil-free!) gardening. At the conclusion of the program, your group will assemble hydroponic grow system kits that will be donated to community organizations to grow their very own fruits, vegetables, and herbs!

Earth Wind and Solar

A group of people playing a game on a stage.

On your mark…Get set….Sun! Harness solar power and race your way to a fun and educational STEM-based charitable team building program. Earth Wind and Solar combines the engaging experience of building and racing solar-powered vehicles with a donation that will spark children’s curiosity and exposure to STEM.


A group of people posing for a picture.

With our corporate CSR event Build-a-Band™, your group will build high-quality guitars, bass guitars, and drum sets to be donated to youth-serving agencies and organizations, and school music programs that are in need of instruments. Your group has the exclusive opportunity to bring the positive power of music to young people in your community!

Autism Awareness Sensory Donation

Autism awareness sensory donation.

Our Autism Sensory Donation program not only brings your group together to assemble wonderful sensory support kits for donation to autism therapy programs and non-profit organizations, but also enhances awareness of the effects, behaviors, and challenges of the disorder through engaging sensory activities. Your group will leave this program with a greater understanding of what autism is, and how to support the people in their lives with an autism spectrum disorder.


A group of people in wheelchairs posing for a photo.

Build-A-Rollator® is a fun, heartwarming CSR program benefiting disadvantaged people with mobility and standing challenges. These high-quality Rollators feature large 8″non-marking wheels, sturdy handbrakes, a fold-up, and removable back support, a padded seat, plastic tray, and bag to store personal items filled with care pack items. Teams will complete fun trivia, photo, and video challenges on iPads to gain the points needed to purchase parts and supplies necessary to build the Walker Rollators.

STEM Backpacks for Kids

A group of people standing around a table full of books.

STEM Backpacks for Kids is a heart-warming, charitable, program promoting the importance of education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Teams engage in a series of problem-solving initiatives including iPad challenges, MakeDo® Kit construction, and electronic circuitry design to earn items for inclusion in the backpacks. The donation will spark children’s curiosity for learning and experimentation while gaining an understanding of the importance of STEM to their future success.

Fostering Hope

A group of people standing around a table full of books.

Fostering Hope is a heartwarming team-building program that culminates with the assembly of backpacks for Adoptive and Foster Care children filled with items recommended by networks that distribute care packs to deserving kids. Your group will be issued iPads® to complete tasks, challenges, and trivia, including photo and video ops to gain the points needed to purchase the items your team will need to complete their Fostering Hope care packs.

Helping the Homeless

A group of people posing with backpacks in front of them.

Your group will be packing backpacks filled with items for homeless men, women, and children. One in 30 children is homeless each year in America, that’s 2.5 million kids. Teams complete a series of fun activities and iPad challenges to earn the points they need to acquire all the items for the backpacks, which may include clothes and blankets, toiletries and hygiene items, first aid supplies, food, school supplies, and toys for children.


A group of people standing on stage with guitars.

Learning to play music can have a very powerful and positive effect on young people. With Build-a-Guitar®, corporate groups have the opportunity to build and donate guitars to young people. As the name suggests, teams are tasked to build high-quality guitars from custom designed kits. The finished guitars are then donated to teens through schools and other youth organizations.

Wagon Build Donation

A group of people posing in red wagons.

Wagon Build Donation benefits underprivileged preschool-age children, providing them with a classic learning tool to boost their coordination, imagination and much more. Teams will build full-size, Red Steel Radio Flyer® Ranger Wagons for donation to a local charity, loading each one with a stuffed animal and children’s book. This program will leave your team feeling energized and with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they put smiles on the faces of children in need.