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Playing music can have a very positive effect on young people. High-quality instruments are needed by students in schools and by local organizations. Build-a-Guitar® was created and trademarked to serve this need. These guitar kits were specifically designed to provide a unique and exciting company event.

This worthwhile program incorporates iPads with engaging audio/video clues as well as fun challenges and activities, enabling teams to earn the parts necessary to assemble the guitars. Throughout the program, participants will be capturing photos and videos of each other in action.

After a fun icebreaker to get everybody rockin’, all groups will receive their iPads and instructions. As teams continually gain points through the iPad challenges, they will be rewarded with trips to our music store to obtain the parts needed. During assembly, periodic inspections will ensure the guitars are built to precise specifications.

In addition, teams will design and decorate a poster to reflect the unique personality of their Band. Our Build-a-Guitar® kits also include a tuner, carrying case, audio cable, guitar strap, picks, and even a personal amplifier!

Once all guitars are built, don’t be surprised if a spontaneous jam session and photo op break out. So, let’s get rolling and build some guitars for future musicians of America, who will never forget your wonderful gift to their school or organization. At the conclusion of the program, a local charity or school representative may address your group and thank you for your donation.

To ensure the success of the experience, aspects of this event may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.


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Clients Talk About this Program

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Everyone LOVED the program and can’t wait to see the videos or photos of the kids receiving their guitars. Indy and his team did a fantastic job!

BNSF Logistics
Gordian logo

We just had a very organized Build-a-Guitar program. The activities were great. The ice breakers really got the room engaged and pumped up! The quiz was the most fun and the assembling of the guitars was a great team builder for our group. Your lead Indy was excellent! He was a perfect facilitator for the guitar build.

AVAIL logo

Our group really loved coming together to build guitars for the Boys and Girls club. They loved the Charitable part of the Build-a-Guitar program. This was their favorite part. Our teams also had fun during the ice breaker, but they had fun throughout the program! Indy was super engaging and MADE the event! We really enjoyed partnering together on this!

Jefferson health logo on a white background.

This is our third time using Best Corporate Events, it has always been a worthwhile investment in our people and you guys make it so fun and painless. The icebreaker really got everyone in the room excited and engaged and the iPad challenges were very well received. Marketing the guitar was very funny and helped the staff tap into their creative sides. Your lead facilitator was fantastic and I received incredibly positive feedback about the Build-a-Guitar program on the day of the event and into the next week.

Jefferson Health
Qcs purchasing logo on a white background.

Our facilitator was the best! The group challenges were great in teambuilding. He deserves 5+++ stars. He was so much fun and you can tell he really enjoys his job. This was one of the best team building events our large group ever took part in. The event was fun and it was so worthwhile to see the joy on the student’s faces when they saw the guitars that were being donated.

QCS Purchasing
Future Home Realty logo

Best team-building E-V-E-R! Wow-what an engaging, dynamic, non-stop fun team-building, experience! It truly engaged everyone; all personality types found their role; analytical, creative, expressive and motivated. With the wide variety of tasks and roles, it made everyone needed and important to the process. We didn’t know one another, but by the end of the event, we were all hugging and high fiving and can’t wait to see each other again. It was a ton of fun and our end product, the guitars, went to a great cause and everyone on our team can’t wait to get to do it again! I would highly recommend Best Corporate – Do it – you will be glad you did!

Future Home Realty
clearwater jazz festival logo

We can’t thank you and your team enough for helping to create another very meaningful event for our community of support and the organizations benefiting from our programs. The Build-a-Guitar event was a hit! I saw smiles all around and could tell everyone was having such a fun time. I truly feel it is events like these that help us to drive further value and foster a strong sense of engagement. Your lead facilitator and team were awesome again and always so delightful to work with. Thank you all again for a great event!

Clearwater Jazz Holiday Foundation
The charles schwab logo on a blue background.

The best team building aspect of the program was getting the group working together on something totally ‘outside’ their wheelhouses. The entire program was so much fun! The activities gave the group a great sense of satisfaction that working together they could do something for their community and give a little of themselves. Our facilitator was very fun as well.

Charles Schwab
Exelon logo

Your lead facilitator was excellent and the entire Build-a-Guitar program was extremely organized and well run. Getting a disparate group of people to work together for the first time to build and market their guitar was the ultimate team builder. The most fun was the judging portion and marketing category of the guitar build. Everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy the activity and the charitable component – Great Spirit was present throughout the event.

TrueGreen logo

Our group of 650 TruGreen employees had an amazing time at their event. The best team building aspect of the Build-a-Guitar program was seeing the teams work together. The most fun was seeing the end results of our attendee’s efforts and the kids playing the guitars.

Cat financial logo on a white background.

The iPad challenges were a really fun part of our Build-a-Guitar program! The teams enjoyed the actual building of the guitars because they learned something new. Our group enjoyed both the activities and the charitable aspect of the event as well. Everything went better than expected. Your lead facilitator and her team were amazing.

CAT Financial
Southern glazers wine and spirits logo.

Our Build-a-Guitar with iPads was an extremely organized event. The icebreakers at the beginning of the program were great. The iPad activities we needed to act out in front of our group was the most fun. Our group loved the activities and charitable aspect of the program; all of it was absolutely amazing. Can’t wait for the next one!

Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits
The salesforce logo on a white background.

We have done your Build-a-Guitar program in the past, and I have recommended you to other groups. The best part of our Build-a-Guitar event was watching the teams work together and laugh and have fun! The event was very organized and your staff had everything laid out and set-up in an orderly fashion for our program. The pictures we took of the team while doing the different planned photos was the best! It was great to have the principal of the school come and tell us about the program. That was very special. We will definitely use Best Corporate Events again!

The logo for aimia inspiring loyalty.

THANK YOU again so much for your time yesterday. All the attendees had a blast with the Build-a-Guitar activity. Both you and your staff were amazing! I hope to work with you again in the future. We can’t wait to get all the pictures and videos that were captured on the iPads so I can share with our clients.

The logo for best corporate events.

When I contacted our national charity organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club, about what instruments are most needed for their music programs, they all said guitars! That turned out to be a real challenge, but I am thrilled to finally be able to add this cool program to our lineup of charitable CSR events.

I say finally because the key was the guitar. You can’t build a DIY guitar in an hour because they need to be sanded, stained, coated and then assembled, which takes hours because it involves gluing necks, drilling holes, and soldering connections.

So we hired a top guitar company to build us a guitar kit from scratch, with instructions, that could be assembled in an hour without all the steps mentioned above. They are excellent quality; one-of-a-kind guitar kits build exclusively for Best Corporate Events and they sound great! And each guitar comes with a strap, tuner, picks, and even an amplifier!

Scott Flynn – CEO
Best Corporate Events

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Program Details
Group Size:
30 to 1,000+
Team Size:
Program Length:
2 to 2.5 hours
Space Requirement:
25 sq. ft. per person
Program Elements
  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Communication
  • Fun &Engaging Interaction
  • Relationship Building & Networking
What's Included?
Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes guitars, personal amplifiers, audio cables, straps, guitar boxes, the team building program, preparation, production coordination, a professional lead facilitator and staffing.
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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326





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