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Cleveland, Ohio home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is one of the most celebrated cities in the music world. Over 23,000 first-class hotel rooms are between the airport and downtown meeting venues. Therefore, Cleveland is a popular destination for corporate meetings and event planners looking for a fun and exciting city to take their group.

Cleveland boasts many cultural, arts, and entertainment options for team building activities. With delicious cuisines, nightlife, and sports teams, it is an active destination for company retreats, conferences, and meetings. Pay tribute to the city where LifeSavers candy was born with a sweet Chocolate Architect event, or give back with charitable Kids Rock! and Bike Build Donation™ programs.

The sound of your team laughing, communicating, and forging deeper bonds is music to the ears of our professional program designers and facilitators. With over 50 exciting and innovative team building activities in Cleveland, you’re sure to find something for your next corporate meeting or event. On the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland team building offers visitors a memorable experience with its distinct skyline architecture and a revitalized downtown.

Not able to gather in person? Our Virtual Team Building and Virtual Training programs can provide your group with a fulfilling and engaging experience remotely – anytime, anywhere, worldwide!

Popular Team Building Activities in Cleveland

While we can deliver any of our professional development, SmartHunts, or team building activities in Cleveland, here’s a quick list of our 10 most popular programs in Cleveland.

Our signature program has been enjoyed for many years by groups large and small. This top selling event continues to resonate with participants as they recall the joy of receiving their first bike. Our exclusive iPad app incorporates engaging audio/video clues and fun challenges so teams can earn the necessary parts to assemble bikes for needy children. Photos and videos of your participants in action will be captured in our app for you to access after the event.
In this collaborative event, teams work together to build an actual bridge that has the strength to support the weight of the entire group. There are two amazing aspects of this project. Each section of the bridge will be an independent artistic representation of your future mission and goals AND the principal building materials of the structure are cardboard and duct tape!
Teams will utilize their creative brainpower to build a working catapult, which will launch small objects when completed. This corporate team building activity has two distinct launch phases, which add to the challenge and fun. The first phase is the launch-for-distance competition, while the second phase tests accuracy. The pressure to succeed builds, as each team attempts to earn the most points.
During this delicious team building event, your group will design and build a themed structure, utilizing various candies and chocolate delicacies. Teams will complete challenges, using Apple iPads, in order to gain chocolate building materials and a variety of confectionary decorations. After the last Skittle® is put in place, teams come together to showcase their themed masterpiece!
Indoor and Outdoor versions! This set of fun and engaging team building games combines high-energy competition with basic athletic ability, allowing for full and active participation. Set to music that will pump up the excitement, groups warm-up, and teams are formed and assigned a color for easy identification. Next, your very own VIP will take the opening lap around the playing field and the games begin. Your group will have a blast as they compete to stand on the winner’s podium.
This engaging get-to-know-you event incorporates a series of fun and challenging icebreaker activities, which are conducted in small table group rotations. After every 15-minute challenge, teams are quickly reformed and a new challenge begins, allowing for maximum networking opportunities. This team building program is a fun and engaging way to strengthen bonds and encourage open and productive workplace interaction.
Teams will engage in fun, challenging team building activities leading to the assembly of care packages for a chosen charity. This is an extraordinary way to build team spirit & infuse your group with positive energy and goodwill. Examples of charities include homeless shelters, food banks, hospices, animal shelters, nursing homes, and other community and social service agencies. A representative from the charity may surprise your group, speaking passionately about the organization and their mission.
Kids Rock!™ is a fun CSR charity team building event where teams assemble rocking chairs, rocking horses, and stuffed animals for children while participating in fun icebreakers, iPads® activities and photo/video challenges. Immediate, tangible results are created and employee morale is boosted through the building and donation of these memorable items for local community centers, hospitals or schools. 

BEST Corporate Feud is our corporate game show with fast-paced rounds of survey questions specifically written for corporate groups. Winning “teams” move forward to the semi-finals and hopefully, to the Finale. Our unique design keeps everyone involved throughout the show, regardless of your group size. No matter how many points are on the scoreboard, you can be confident that your participants will score big with this BEST Corporate Feud!

Charitable Organizations Helped by Our Corporate Events in Cleveland

BEST clients participating in team building events in Cleveland have helped a wide range of local and national charities and nonprofits over the years, including:

University Hospitals
The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland
Providence House
Heights suburban collaborative
Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio

Past Cleveland Corporate Events Clients

Over the past two-plus decades, we’ve been honored to deliver team building events in Cleveland for a wide range of organizations, from midsized enterprises to global brands, either headquartered in Cleveland, with local offices, or visiting. We’d be thrilled to add your organization to this expanding list:

Top Venues for Corporate Events in Cleveland

Best Corporate Events has facilitated fun, productive team building programs in a wide range of venues across Cleveland. Below are a few – but we can deliver programs ANYWHERE!

Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport
MDT Headquarters
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade
Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland East/Mayfield Village
Cleveland Public Library

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