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Discover the most engaging Austin team-building activities. Best Corporate Events is the industry’s leader in innovative and cutting-edge team building. Austin, the state capital of Texas, is home to the University of Texas college campus and a growing community of high-tech manufacturers. The city is known for its eclectic live-music scene, great craft beer, famous Texas BBQ, and the wildly fun SXSW festival. Travel south of Austin and you will find the Circuit of the Americas racetrack, which has hosted the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Best Corporate Events is the largest corporate team-building activity provider in North America. We deliver premium events for team building in Austin without any travel costs for your group.  We provide the latest in team building solutions, including corporate social responsibility (CSR) charitable activities, game shows, and culinary competitions.  We’ve also developed the latest team building technologies, and provide the iPads® for an interactive high-tech experience. Your group will bond and have fun while capturing photos and videos of all their memories during a team-building event in Austin.

Enhance Employee Engagement with Team Building in Austin

Whether your corporate base is in Austin or your team is coming to visit, our team building events will help you retain and rejuvenate your workforce. These programs are much more than fun; they positively impact employee engagement and loyalty, improve morale, and enhance team communication and collaboration. Holding your corporate team building event in Austin will you’re your organization develop a culture of high performance and productivity.

We are seeing in-person events pick up again. After more than a year of being apart, groups are eager to see each other again face to face. Why not have your group participate in a fun Build-a-Guitar™ charitable corporate team event in this capital of live music? How about a customized Amazing Chase SmartHunt® in Austin? SmartHunts® is a high-tech take on a scavenger hunt, navigated using iPads® and our industry-leading app, and coordinated by expert facilitators.  Your group will take in the sights of notable sites like the Texas State Capitol, the LBJ Library, and Zilker Metropolitan Park. With over 100 team-building activities to choose from, Best Corporate Events will help your group gathering in Austin to collaboratively solve problems and have fun together like never before. CSR activities are great options for hybrid event styles as well.

Not able to gather in person? Our Virtual Team Building and Virtual Training programs can provide your group with a fulfilling and engaging experience remotely – anytime, anywhere, worldwide!

Top 10 Programs for Team Building in Austin

  1. Bike Build Donation®

This BEST trademarked program combines fast-paced fun with giving back to the community, and is ideal for groups of 30 people up to thousands. Our proprietary app and iPads combine audio/video clues with fun challenges and activities.

  1. Build-a-Guitar®

Teams engage in challenges to earn the parts needed to assemble electric guitars for donation to a local school or organization. A great corporate event for Austin given the city’s roots in music.

  1. Build-A-Rollator®

This is a fun, emotionally rewarding CSR program that benefits the elderly, disabled veterans, and others with mobility issues and standing challenges. Teams complete iPad-based trivia, photo, and video challenges to earn trips to the “Rollator store” where they obtain the parts and supplies needed to build the Rollators.

  1. Build-a-Wheelchair®

Groups employ teamwork skills and iPad activities to earn the materials necessary to assemble, test, and accessorize new wheelchairs for donation to veterans’ organizations and others with mobility challenges. Check out one event in action in this news video.

  1. Competition to Collaboration®

This program highlights the positive impacts of organizational synergy, both in sharing best practices and celebrating the success of colleagues. It starts with two sub-teams completing various challenges in competition with another team, before a surprise twist that reinforces the value of team collaboration.

  1. City SmartHunt®

Not just your average scavenger hunt, we use state-of-the-art Smart technology to create a corporate event your group will never forget. Teams are given Apple® iPads® loaded with interactive features like audio, video, text messaging, and GPS to help them complete challenges, find items and local landmarks in Austin, take photos and video of their expedition, and more.

  1. A Minute to Win It

As on the popular TV game show but adapted for team play, groups compete in rounds of fast-paced tabletop challenges. The action heats up as one-minute games are completed using common household items like pencils, plastic cups, and decks of cards, with the goal of being crowned A Minute 2 Win It champions!

  1. Crack the Case!

An exciting team challenge in which participants play the role of trainees taking a private investigator course to become elite detectives. To succeed, they must collaborate to solve a set of puzzles and activities designed to test creative thinking, problem-solving, ingenuity, and deductive reasoning.

  1. Best Corporate Feud

This is a corporate game show with fast-paced rounds of survey questions specifically written to engage corporate groups and keep everyone involved throughout the event, regardless of group size. This program delivers a real game show atmosphere complete with sound effects, as winning teams advance to the semi-finals and hopefully the finale.

  1. Speed Networking

This engaging get-to-know-you event uses a series of fun, challenging icebreaker activities conducted in small group rotations to encourage productive workplace interaction. After each 15-minute challenge, teams quickly re-form and start new challenges, creating maximum networking opportunities.

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We love delivering the best events in Austin! Best Corporate Events offers team building results that our clients love; which is why they’ve rewarded us with a 5-Star rating and some of the best reviews in the business! You’ll find over 1,000 client comments and videos on our website assuring you’ve found the BEST company to deliver team events for your group.

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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