Go-Kart Competition Big Group Shot

The Power of Teams – Amazing Things Can Happen

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

Have you seen this article about some of the world records officially broken this year? It’s a beautiful testament to the power of team building; when a group of people serve a singular purpose, amazing things can happen! Case in point, check out the photo of over 2,600 women dancing the kaikottikali in unison in India. Or the one of 28 ladies who squeezed themselves into one modern Mini hatchback. Or the breathtaking sight of Wajima City, Japan, where hundreds of volunteers placed over 20,000 solar lights in a pattern that lights up the mountainside when night falls.


We here at Best Corporate Events truly believe in the power of teams. We’ve made it our mission to make your team as strong as possible so that you can go off and do what you do, more cohesively, more determinedly, and more spectacularly. Working together can lead to incredible accomplishments, as these world records attest, and we can’t wait to help your team change the world in 2013 and beyond!