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This is our trademark program for groups of 30 or more. We developed apps that make bike builds fun and fast-paced. Our apps also enable us to deliver very large events including the largest bike build in history with over 3,400 Lowe’s managers who built and donated 1,048 bicycles! See Highlight Video

BEST facilitators have been delivering charity bike build events for over 20 years. After going high-tech in 2012, we continue to pioneer the future of this CSR donation program with the use of our proprietary apps and Apple iPads®. Check out over 120 clients comments below.

This worthwhile program incorporates engaging audio/video clues as well as fun challenges and activities. After a fun icebreaker to get everyone “in gear”, your teams will receive their iPads. Points rewarded help teams earn a bike and parts necessary from the “bike shop” to assemble the bikes for donation to children in need.

Once the bikes are built, they are inspected for safety and displayed with the participants for a group picture. Based on the timeframe and available space, the program may also include personal notes of encouragement, a bike parade, and decorative bike license plates!

At the conclusion of the program, whenever possible, your group will present these beautiful, finished bicycles to deserving children – accompanied by a local charity representative who will address your group and thank you for your donation.

Bike Build Donation® is one of our most popular give-back programs, and every 20-inch bicycle your group builds comes with a helmet and a lock for safety. A variety of skills including organization, delegation, communication, and some mechanical skills will be used to complete this activity.

The standard 20-inch bikes are suitable for 6 to 10-year-olds. We also offer two additional versions of our popular Bike Build Donation: TRICYCLES for young children ages 1 to 5 years old and 26” CRUISERS for teens ages 13 and up.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this event may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

Bike Build Donation® is a registered trademark of Best Corporate Events, LLC.

This program can be delivered as a Hybrid Event.


Clients Talk About this Program

I just wanted to tell you that your lead facilitator did an absolutely OUTSTANDING job yesterday. He was there early, had the tables prepped before going in, and thoroughly captivated the crowd and had their 100% attention from the start. The children were a little bit delayed due to the traffic, but he held the attention of the team until the kids arrived. He did a great job of including the client exec team (who were not part of the build teams) in the process. It was another very successful event with a very happy and satisfied client – as well as some very, very happy children. Thank you.

Active Escapes, Inc.

Best Corporate Events was professional and very easy to work with. Our team did their Bike Build Donation program with roughly 80 people, and everyone LOVED IT! Our instructor, Dan, was amazing as well – very engaging, upbeat. BCE also helped pair us with a local charity to donate the bikes! Overall, we had a great experience and will definitely be using Best Corporate Events for our team-building activities in the future!


I think the use of the iPads helped with the team building. We had to work together on a lot of the challenges to find the answers, and to take pictures and video. The event was very organized from the planning phase to execution. Your facilitators did a great job keeping everything in order and the bike races after the teams finished building was really fun! We loved the fact that there is a charitable component to the event. Our company puts giving back first in all we do and having the Boys and Girls clubs there to accept the bikes was the icing on the cake. We are very grateful for the event and believe it was a highlight of our celebration weekend. It gave everyone a chance to really get to know each other and do something fun!


We enjoyed the event to the max and we are so grateful for the experience it brought to each one of us. The best team building aspect of our Bike build Donation was everyone working towards the main goal, unity, and lots of teamwork! Seeing how all bikes turned out, decorated was amazing. I truly felt very loved and supported by the entire groups of teams!

Alert Logic

We felt so privileged and honored to take part in your new Bike Build program. We couldn’t stop talking about the integration of the iPads – they were a great added value! I also loved that I just booked the program and your team handled the rest. Your facilitator was a great leader- funny, personable and very excited which got everyone super motivated. My team said they would never forget it!

Align Technology

Your lead facilitator got the ENTIRE crowd involved. We were unsure if everyone would participate in the Bike Build Donation but they all joined in the fun. The teams quickly began to work together on their challenges and loved the little videos they had to make. They really enjoyed the charitable aspect of the program. I recall seeing multiple grown men on little children’s bikes zooming across the lawn to the supply table. The group was really engaged and loved that they got to hear back from the Boys and Girls Club about the recipients. We loved our lead facilitator! He and his entire team were wonderful. He arrived early, was very organized and wrangled the group that was more interested in cocktail and food than the activity. THANK YOU!

Assa Abloy

On behalf of all of us at Boston Scientific, I want to thank each of you for making this day an amazing event. Your lead was an excellent host and got the team involved from the very first minute and we are so thankful for his leadership throughout this fun activity. Listening to Maurice from the YMCA speak about the kids and the impact the YMCA has on their lives was truly remarkable. Keep making a difference each and every day and you will change lives both in the short term, but more importantly in the long term. Lastly, the kids you brought were amazing young people. It was tough to say goodbye, but I do hope we stay in contact as we want to learn more about how they are doing. What a great day, we are lucky to be a part of it. Thank you. Those words clearly cannot convey exactly what we mean, but trust that this event was better than we could have ever expected. So again, thank you!

Boston Scientific

Your program was by far the BEST team event we have ever done in the past 12 years. Your lead facilitator was flexible and easy to work with. The iPad inner action and games were the best team building aspects of the program. Our group had the most fun being with their peers and being able to laugh and work together to get the parts. We loved the activities and charitable aspect of the program and will be doing it again for sure. Seeing the children, their eyes light up was a great way to spend an afternoon. I really want to thank everyone at BCE.

Charter Communications

I will be honest that I did not know what to expect prior to the event and had only heard great reviews. Our group had a wonderful time and it was truly rewarding knowing that the bikes were going to a local community. Fun was had by all and your facilitators were extremely helpful and made the process for me very easy. Thanks again for all your help.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Your Bike Build Donation was perfect! The warm-up activities that your lead facilitator did really got the group engaged and in the right frame of mind to work together on the bikes. It set the tone for the program! The most fun was giving the bikes to the charity – some attendees even teared up! Everyone seemed to have a great time building the bikes and hearing from the charity they were donated to. Your lead facilitator was amazing! He made the event great!

AlliedPRA North California

The best aspect of the event was the game challenge. The group loved it! Our facilitator was organized, took control of the room and gave a touching speech. We also donated 10 bikes directly to the charity. It was a great option for people who could not attend.

Agari Data Inc

We absolutely loved all of our Bike Build Donation program! Our facilitator Adam’s ability to connect the audience generated the best team building! We had so much fun seeing the interactions of the group. Just a big thanks all around – we absolutely loved it all

Blue and Co, LLC

You are the best. All went well with the Bike Build Donation.  The group had a blast and your lead facilitator was fantastic. One question for you – moving forward, can we look at branding the photo / video site that gets sent to us post event?  I’d love to be able to put a client logo on there, so it could be shared with client.

Accent Indy, a DMC Network Company

Your lead facilitator arrived early, was well organized and had a great personality. He was able to keep the attention of all the participants. The iPad was a great feature and each group enjoyed capturing the event with pictures and videos. This was a competitive group — each team really wanted 1st place! It was nice to see the bikes go to a local organization and have the local organization onsite to receive the bikes. Our group really enjoyed their Bike Build Donation.


I wanted to pass along the wonderful feedback that I received from our Bike Build Donation event. Everyone loved it and had a wonderful time and they are getting a kick out of the pictures they took on the iPads! Many people have asked for the company information so they have it available when they want to do something like this in the future. Thanks for being so great to work with and putting on an awesome event!

Capital One Financial Corporation

The Bike Build Donation experience with iPads has been deemed by many of the participants as one of the best charitable activities we’ve engaged in over 6 years & 12+ events.  There was a perfect combination of required teamwork, creativity & of course- the experience of seeing the kids who became recipients of the bikes themselves.  Since Cisco Systems is a high tech company, the iPad challenges were right up our alley.  Finally- our event lead was incredible.  Thanks again!


Our group at Cisco felt that this was one of the best teambuilding events they had ever attended. They mentioned that sometimes these programs can be a little corny, but this was really great, especially the team building involved in doing the iPad challenges as a team. Aside from the competitive aspect, as we are a very competitive group, our group really enjoyed meeting the Boys & Girls Club representatives and understanding who was getting the bikes. Your lead facilitator did an absolutely fantastic job!!


We cannot thank you enough for helping guide us through the team building exercise.  The feedback from our group about their Bike Build Donation program with iPads has been nothing short of amazing!  It was great to see the kids receiving the bikes at the end – a very nice surprise. Thanks!

Cisco Systems

Your lead facilitator was very organized and able to be flexible with the program to meet our time commitment. The entire Bike Build Donation program was fun. Our group loved it and the facilitators were awesome. I had some of the leaders state they were going to book your events for their teams.


Your team is amazing!!! Thanks for the prompt follow-up with the photos/video link from the Best Corporate event last night. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to you and the dynamic team leaders for allowing the AVAD team to join hands with Best Corporate events on this momentous Team Building experience. Our heartstrings will forever be connected to this Team Building / Charity experience. On behalf of “TEAM AVAD”…Thank you!!!

Avad LLC

Our Bike Build Donation program was a very organized event. The icebreaker was great at getting the groups to loosen up and have fun. The competitions made a big difference with the Bike obstacle course being the most fun. Our group enjoyed the activities and having the charity there to receive the donation was great. Your lean facilitator was great! The program was very well done with good feedback from our teams.

Avient Corporation

The actual building of the bicycles was the best “team building” aspect of our Bike Build Donation event. The most fun was the bike race, a great addition to the program. Your lead facilitator did a great job! Loved seeing everyone help load the truck with the bikes at the end of the program.

AXIA Consulting, Inc.

Our Bike Build Donation was thoroughly successful. It was a great team building program in every respect. It got rave reviews and created lots of laugher too. Your lead facilitator was awesome! Now, we want to come back and do something different…we’ll be in touch!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The Bike Build Donation was very well organized and we had great communication leading up to event with our coordinator from Best Corporate Events. Having each team work together to build their bikes was a great way to have people work together that don’t normally do so. All of our teams enjoyed the activities and questions on the iPad. Our company thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give back to our community with the bike build. We had a wonderful event and will look forward to booking our next team building event with Best Corporate Events.

Babbo Italian Eatery

The best team building aspect of our Bike Build Donation program was the iPad tasks and challenges. The most fun was the “marketing the bikes” segment where each team had to deliver a fun 60-second commercial as if they are a bike company and trying to win a lucrative contract. Everyone loved it and we had a blast!! Your lead facilitator was perfect for our group. I’m so glad I found your company.


The kids are beyond ecstatic with their new bikes! They all have come to me wanting me to thank you again for the wonderful celebration and community impact. This is the first bike for many of them and some may not even of had this opportunity if it weren’t for you and your organization. They all made it to school on time the next day (although they were hoping to put in more time on the pedals) and we made it to the hotel to pick up the remaining bikes. Thank you so much for the pictures and making a lifelong impact on our young members’ lives. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!


I really liked being able to ask Best Corporate Events to help us out because they took the event to the next level. They brought the pep and the music and the awards to get people motivated to want to win and do well at this activity. This event was fun – something different than sitting in a meeting room all day. Our group loved the activities and really loved the charitable aspect as it made the entire event worth it. Your lead was a great facilitator and held his own with all the questions he received throughout the event. It was awesome and I hope we get to work with BEST on another event again soon!

CMC Global

Your lead facilitator and his team did amazing delivering our Bike Build Donation with iPads.  And were very willing and helpful with adjusting the time we needed for the event. Thanks!

Cathay Pacific Airways

It was fantastic! Everyone had nothing but positive comments. Both in the games and the giveaway to the kids. Bradley and his assistant were so much fun and engaging. I will definitely tell my associates about you guys. Thanks again for a perfect team building event.

Celgene Corporate

From start to finish, the fun icebreaker and multiple activities to earn points created a lot of excitement and laughs while working together to achieve a mutual goal. Our group enjoyed the activities and thought the charitable aspect of the program was excellent. I would highly recommend this program!

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

The best part of the team building was Building the Bikes. The most fun was having everyone feel accomplished after completing the builds. The group really enjoyed it and felt they were helping our veterans and their families. Great organization and partnerships.


Extremely organized. Our facilitator was a master at thinking on his feet and getting everyone energized. He was creative with his team building. He was full of energy that was infectious to us all. Having the kids join us in building their bikes was awesome! The silly activities we had to do were fun. They LOVED it. Absolutely the best team event I’ve participated in!

Beckman Coulter

We really enjoyed the opening icebreaker at our Bike Build program. The activities were fun, as was racing the bikes, and the charitable aspect was superb. It fit our corporate values very well, and everyone was happy to contribute. Thank you for making something like this available for corporate events. It means a lot to be able to have fun as a team and also give back.

Catalent, Inc.

I just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you for a wonderful event last week. The response from the team has been fantastic! I think we will most likely do another event like this for them next year. After experiencing the group, if you can let me know what you think would be good options for them I would appreciate it. I am sure it will be hard to beat the bike build. Thanks again for everything. Our hopes are to pitch your services to many more of our clients.

Corporate Optics

We enjoyed the whole thing very much! Our facilitator was early, energetic the whole time, funny, engaging, and everyone loved him. He probably deserves a raise.

Our Bike Build Donation program was extremely well organized. The best team building part was trying to collectively come up with the correct answers to the questions on the iPads. The most fun was riding the bikes at the end. As a whole, our group really enjoyed the activities. Great event!

Energy Source

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing Bike Build Donation event last week. Jane and I were thrilled with the response from our finance team. You were amazing, your crew was great, and everything was perfect. Thank you for executing so flawlessly. I wanted to let you know that I did a post in our internal admin group highly recommending our teams get more involved in community service types of off-sites that show our impact and called out Best Corporate Events! Many, many thanks!


Our Bike Build Donation was a very organized event. The best team building aspects of the program and the most fun were the iPad activities and the actual bike building. Your lead facilitator was really great through the whole process and the feedback from our group has all been positive.

Facebook, Inc.

We truly enjoyed our Bike Build Donation and working with Best Corporate Events. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. The entire staff was friendly, energetic and an absolute pleasure to work with. A special thanks to your lead facilitator who kept it all together and was a true motivator!

CSL Plasma

Thank you So Much for all you did to make the evening and charity bike build event such a huge success. Your facilitators were amazing and made everything run so smoothly.

It was wonderful to see the guests working so well together and having such a good time making the bikes. The finale was perfect. To witness the mixed and sobering emotions at the surprise presentation to those beautiful children was something I will long remember. It really pulls at your heartstrings! 

Thank you all so much for a great job and the amazing experience.

Connections Unlimited

The Bike Build Donation event with iPads was a huge hit! Everyone had a fantastic time and the donation at the end with the children accepting the bikes was the icing on the cake. The entire team had no idea that was taking place…some teary eyes looking around the room.
The bike building was fast moving, fun and a learning experience amongst the team members. Your lead facilitator did a fantastic job! Thank you!

Cox Communications

I wanted to take a second and say thank you for the great job you guys did at the Bike Build on Tuesday. The group had an amazing time and the added bonus of having the kids there to receive them was truly special. Thank you so much for time, effort and leadership. I look forward to working with you again.

Cream of the Crop Events

Thank you so much for all of your help during the planning and executing of this weeks event! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the near future. Our client had nothing but great things to say. I also wanted to say how amazing it was to work with your facilitators – they were great! Their energy made for a successful event!

DPI Events

The icebreaker got everyone excited and warmed up to build their bikes. They very much enjoyed building the bikes and playing the trivia game. As a bystander, I enjoyed watching them create shapes to answer questions, sing and hop like a bunny. The entire evening was fun! I would highly recommend this event and the great facilitation made my job easy!


Our experience with your lead facilitator and his staff was great! Our client really enjoyed the Bike Build Donation event and we think it was a great success. Thank you!

Destination Philly – a DMC Network Company

Our Bike Build Donation went better than we could have expected. I received great feedback from our team. Many said it was the best team build they ever participated in at our company or any other company they worked at. Your lead facilitator did a great job – he was awesome.  He has a great personality and it definitely made the event a great experience. Thanks!

Do it Best Corporation

The Bike Build was wonderful from start to finish and the participants LOVED it. Your facilitator made it so fun and interactive and of course the grand finale of having the kids arrive to accept the bikes was powerful. Tears and goose bumps! Thanks again and we look forward to partnering with you again!

Docherty Incentives & Meetings

The best team building aspects of this program were the icebreakers, the iPad questions and challenges, and lastly, the building of the bikes. The event was very organized and presenting the bikes to the kids at the end was the most fun. Our whole group said they enjoyed the Bike Build Donation program very much.

Duquesne University

The best team building aspect of our program was the iPad questions and challenges. It was a very organized event. The most fun was the presentation of the bikes to the charity. Our group enjoyed the activities and charitable aspect of the program very much. We got lots of positive feedback from the participants!

East Coast Risk Management, Inc.

Our Bike Build Donation in Menlo Park was very organized and the icebreakers were great! The most successful team building aspect was the fact that the program loosened up our team so they wound up having a great time together. They enjoyed the activities and loved the charitable aspect of the event. It was a great experience!

Facebook, Inc.

I wanted to THANK YOU ALL again from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and gifts you have given to our children and to the entire community. Since receiving the bikes, we have had two separate raffles during our Homework Help class where we draw one child’s name from each grade, 1st through 5th, who have been showing up for homework time. I am thrilled to say that our kids look forward to doing their homework because they are now more motivated and encourage to study with us. Without these bikes, we would not have been able to give them each this awesome reward! THANK YOU and your client, Alert Logic, for everything!

FamilyPoint Resources

The total buy-in from the group was great.  It was a well organized and fun experience. The videos were very well received. The addition of the Boys and Girls Club representatives was a huge success.  Knowing there were actual kids receiving the bikes was great. Our facilitator was very organized and personable. 


Delmarva Power

Having the opportunity to give the children the bikes was the best. The group said the event was wonderful and very well-organized. 

Diversant, LLC

Just wanted to send this quick note of thanks. The team at Flex Atlanta thoroughly enjoyed the Bike Build Donation team building activity on Tuesday. Not only was it a good bonding experience, everyone felt inspired to do something good for the community. The event exceeded my every expectation; excellent job hosting as well. Thanks again for your help.


Our Bike Build Donation with iPads was extremely organized. The best team building aspect of the program was the iPad trivia and team challenges. The most fun was taking the photos and videos. The feedback was very positive. Everyone I spoke with was very excited to be part of a charitable event and hearing the personal stories from the charity representative.

Greenway Health, LLC

We all had such a wonderful time at our Bike Build Donation event – your lead facilitator was great and the entire teambuilding activity ran like a clock!  I am receiving more and more emails telling me how much they loved the activity!  Such an uplifting event and it left everyone in a great mood. Thanks very much!


Thank you so much for our event. I was expecting it would go well but the outcome was outstanding. This is a tough group but you had them in the palm of your hand from the warm up games, the build off, to the children coming in to collect their bikes. We couldn’t have asked for a better event coordinator. Our group has not stopped talking about it. This charitable event has meant so much to everyone. I will be telling everyone about Best Corporate Events and will definitely be using your company again in the future.

Hilton Hotels

Your facilitator did a fabulous job with our Bike Build Donation! He worked really well with his assistant and the team talked about the experience days after. They loved the icebreaker and building the bikes. It was great watching the teams work together. The charity showed up and brought kids from their program. They were able to eat with us and watch the fun. It was fabulous!


The opening icebreakers at our Bike Build Donation event were great. Mixing up the participants to work together was the best team building aspect of the program and watching the kids getting their bikes was the most fun. The event was extremely organized and everything we anticipated. We enjoyed the experience and look forward to working together again.

First National Bank

We were nervous about this program because this was a huge leap from anything we had done in the past but your facilitators delivered a home run. Our group responded to the competitive aspect of the bike building challenge immediately. The entire program was fun for our participants. They loved the charitable aspect of the program and were emotional when the representatives came in, especially the children.

Fox Rothschild LLP

I have used Best Corporate Event for a couple of events and the facilitators are on spot, very energetic and get the group relaxed and having a good time. The activities and charitable aspect of the Bike Build Donation program was a big hit with the group. They loved being able to team build and at the same time give back to the community. I think the icebreaker interaction with group and the children being able to be on site to get their bikes was a huge plus.

Global Atlantic Financial Company

Our Bike Build Donation program was the best company event that we have ever had. Your lead facilitator did a great job! I could not have asked for it to go any better or for our employees to react any better. Thank you for your efforts.

Graphic Visual Solutions

The experience was awesome and your lead facilitator did a great job.   I would definitely recommend the Bike Build Donation program and Best Corporate Events.

HD Supply, Inc.

I wanted to thank you so very much for such excellent facilitation of a great event. Everyone had a great time at the Bike Build Donation program, and I’ve had many people reaching out with gratitude for the experience. It also looks like we will follow up with ABCD for more opportunities to work with them, so I’m glad that the bridge was created! Thank you again, and have a wonderful weekend!

Halloran Consulting Group, Inc.

Your team did a FANTASTIC job at our Bike Build event in Chantilly last week! I’ve heard sooooo many staff raving about how much they LOVED your event…and your lead facilitator’s uplifting, FUN personality and ENERGY! THANKS so much for making it such a success! Wishing you a GREAT rest of 2017 and beyond and we look forward to contracting with Best Corporate Events again in the future!

IFC, World Bank Group

What I liked best about our Bike Build Donation event was the enthusiasm of the facilitator. He was very fun and energetic and made sure everyone had a great time. I don’t think there was anything I would change about this event. I think this was a great experience for our company and truly hope that we have the opportunity to work with your company again in the future.

II-VI Incorporated

Our Bike Build Donation program was excellent! It was extremely well organized. All in all, it was a very effective and enjoyable team-building event.

Ingersoll Rand

The Bike Build Donation was amazing! The team that you sent us was phenomenal!! They truly looked excited to be there and to be working with us, and that positive attitude affected all of our guests. This is why Best Corporate Events is one of my favorite partners. Looking forward to many more future events together!

Impact Destinations and Events

The best team building aspect of our Bike Build Donation program was the interaction between the groups while collecting points. The entire event was fun and our group loved it. It was a great time and a great experience.

Infinite Electronic

Our Bike Build Donation was extremely organized. Our group highly enjoyed the activity. Some employees even asked for your company information for their friends at other companies. Building the bikes and having it be a competition with the other teams was the most fun. Your facilitator was amazing; he was able to get the group to come together.


The facilitators tied the various preceding elements of the program together, as I’d requested. For the participants, it was probably the actual building of the bikes. I believe they enjoyed the activities. The facilitators were excellent.

Fluor Marine Propulsion, LLC

Thank you for sending the photos of our Bike Build with iPads event. We have enjoyed looking at them again. Also, I would like to thank you and your team at Best Corporate Events for a wonderful event. Everyone was easy to work with, and incredibly helpful. I would suggest your services to others in the future.

Idom Group

Using the iPads and working together to build the bikes was the best. We loved the ice breaker games and at the end of our hard work, the bikes would be donated to a great cause. Our facilitator did a fantastic job! This event encouraged our employees to have fun while working together and learning more about each other on a more personal basis.

Fresenius Medical Care

I have heard nothing but positive comments about our Bike Build Donation! Everyone really enjoyed the activities and thought your lead facilitator did an amazing job!! The best “team building” aspect of the program was the iPad games/questions that required the group to work as a team. Giving the bikes to the Boys and Girls from the Boys and Girls Club was great fun!!

John Deere Seeding Group

We got the link you sent of the photos and video from our event. The Bike Build Donation event was fun. The event worked out really well, and we appreciate how your lead facilitator drove engagement and ultimately a great community service event for us. Thank you so much!

Johnson & Johnson

Yesterday went off without a hitch. The Bike Build Donation went smoothly and the participants loved the activity. Your associates were professional, personable, and very hard working. Thank you for everything.

Kaiser Permanente

Unbelievable! We’ve had more amazing feedback about this event and “giving back” than we have for any other team event we’ve had. It was great having everyone come together – we put people together on teams who normally don’t work with each other day-to-day and it was great to see everyone come together! We have a very competitive group and it was great fun watching grown adults race for the win! Very much appreciate the organization – it was so nice to have much of the weight of planning and pulling off an event lifted.

Knowledge Services

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Just wanted to say thank you for a great event yesterday. The team has a lot of fun and just seeing the look on the kids’ faces made it all worthwhile. Thank you again for a great event!!!!


It was a great day for the 3,500 Lowe’s managers that participated in the Bike Build Donation event at the Sand’s Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. They set the World Record by building and donating 1,048 bikes, helmets, and locks to deserving children at Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the state of Nevada.


The challenges were fun and your facilitators were a pleasure to work with. Our group enjoyed it quite a bit and said they preferred it over other team building events we have had in the past.

Jackson Therapy Partners

I liked how your lead facilitator got us all engaged in our Bike Build Donation program. Everyone really enjoyed working together on the iPad challenges and building the bikes. The most fun was the bike races at the end of the event. We had a great time – thanks!

Janssen Biotech, Inc.

We did the bike build for charity. I will admit when our group found out what it was, they were thinking it would be boring, but, they all loved it! The whole thing was fantastic and we had a terrific time. Your lead facilitator was phenomenal and the charity aspect touched everyone.


Your lead facilitator did an excellent job of bringing the team together from the beginning of the event until the end. It was overall a very positive, team building experience that everyone enjoyed very much. The friendly competition throughout the event was the most fun. The entire team was thrilled that our organization was giving back to a local charity. We have done food drives and donation drives in the past but having the ability to play a key part in putting the bikes together allowed them to feel more involved in providing the support. I have heard nothing but great feedback from the team regarding the event!

Jonas Fitness, Inc.

Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon and just loved building the bikes for the kids. What a great concept! I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job delivering the event for us. We can be a tough crowd to please, but our group rated it as the best team building experience they have done so far, and we have had a few! All the best.

Julius Zorn, Inc.

I can’t say enough about the Bike Build program!  It was exactly the type of team building activity that we were looking for, and it was executed beautifully.  Your lead facilitator and his team were great during the event — they were able to command the attention of our group and have them work very efficiently so that they were done right on schedule. I am also very pleased that your group was able to arrange for members of the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena to accept the bike donation – what a great ending to a great day!  I also really appreciate that we received the footage and photos from the iPads so quickly!  My team and I are having a great time browsing through all of the material and will be using it to provide a fun feedback from our attendees about their experience with the Bike Build Donation.  My director was thrilled with how the event went, so I am thrilled too!  Many thanks to you and your team for making the whole experience, from contract signing to bike building, easy and enjoyable!

Kaiser Permanente

From start to finish, working with your organization was very easy and organized. Your “entourage” icebreaker was a blast and got everyone very fired up for the event! We’ve been receiving countless comments about how much fun everyone had during this activity. Our group had a lot of fun during the activities in our Bike Build Donation program, but they absolutely loved the charitable aspect. Your lead facilitator did a great job with our rowdy group! He was fun, but to the point and kept everyone on task, on time and organized. Many individuals told me it was the best team-building event yet and were very moved by our receiving organization contact’s Juan’s speech at the end of the program; some were even brought to tears. Thank you so much to your team for a memorable experience for all of our associates!

Koorsen Fire & Security

Everything was OUTSTANDING!!! Your team really did an awesome job with our Bike Build Donation and I think quite a few referrals will be coming your way!

Legal Marketing Association

This was Hands Down one of the best events ever. I want to pass along a note of praise for the Bike Build Donation program and your lead facilitator who was super energetic and funny. We had the best time at this event and a huge part of it was because of him. Thank you!

Lam Research Corporation

This is one of the best team building events I’ve ever attended! I want to thank the team at Best Corporate Event for delivering such an AWESOME event! All the teams had an incredible time – and your facilitator did an excellent job! The interaction with the facilitator and the fun activities on the iPad were the best team building aspects of the program. The entire event was fun! The teams loved the challenges and activities on the iPad. The activities kept the teams engaged and having fun. The charitable aspect of the program is the primary reason we wanted to host the event. It was very impactful to everyone. Great job! I will definitely be contacting you again next year! Thanks again!

Loudoun County Public Schools

Our Bike Build event went off without a hitch, and everyone was very professional. Working together with teammates to complete challenges on the iPads was really fun. Everyone that I spoke to loved the event. They said they had a great time, and seeing the children receive their bikes really touched them. One team member described it as “exhilarating.


We had an absolute blast!!! It was a bonding experience and we all had so much fun! We loved the fact that one of our owners got on a bike and all of my staff got the biggest kick out of seeing him compete in the relay race. We do a sales summit every year. I am sure you will be hearing from me again. Thanks again for everything!!!

Lykins Energy Solutions

I have been meaning to reach out and thank you all for doing a terrific job with our Bike Build Donation program!  Our group was very pleased and were informed by most of our employees that this was the highlight of the conference and probably the best conference event to date.  So huge thanks Best Corporate Events!!


The iPad questions, videos and photos were the best. The competition and awards were fun. The group very much enjoyed it. The feedback was very positive. Our facilitator was an excellent motivator & communicator.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

The entire event was amazing, and the link you gave us to our entire Bike Build Donation program with slide show, pictures and video was awesome. I laughed after watching everything…it certainly was a hot topic at dinner. It was a totally awesome feel good event that gave back to the local community and the guys really felt good after doing the exercise. The charity has already expressed how wonderful the donation was to receive. I am sure this will not be the last you have heard from Morton Salt.

Morton Salt, Inc.

Thank you for yesterday’s Bike Build Donation session.  Your lead facilitator was wonderful and we got some really positive feedback.  He managed the time and made it so fun!  The entire group joined in and was so enthusiastic about building the bikes. The representative from the Boys & Girls Harlem Club was great and so were the kids. Thank you very much!

Pfizer Inc.

Thank you for all of your hard work and tireless effort to insure that our Mega bike build was highly successful!  Your lead facilitator did an amazing job! Feedback I heard was “this was the best Mega break-out session over the past nine years!”  Everyone really liked the pace and the multiple tasks and the materials helped everyone to focus. It was fun, engaging and challenging and all of the planning paid off.  Of course the children receiving the bikes at the end was incredibly special – I appreciate your efforts in working with United Way to make this happen. Thank you again for a truly memorable event!

Phillips Healthcare

This was one of the best events we’ve ever done! It was very organized and every activity was a great team builder. Our group enjoyed all of it and the fact that your lead facilitator told her personal story and related it back to everything. The entire event was fun and the team enjoyed it from start to finish.


We hired your company to deliver two nights of back-to-back Bike Build Donation events for my organization. They were amazing and both groups had a great time. Thank you for what you do. Your lead facilitator was amazing and if I personally host another event with your organization, I want him again as the facilitator. Our group enjoyed the activities and loved the charitable aspect of the program. The entire experience was fantastic!

Progressive Insurance

This was definitely one of the coolest company events I have ever participated in and I certainly had a great time meeting people I have just seen around the campus. Your lead facilitator was awesome! He was very professional and fun. The Bike Build Donation activities were fun to do, especially the iPad trivia, and the thought of the huge smiles on some kids’ faces is just priceless.


Our group had an amazing time during the Bike Build. The iPads’ competition with selfies and team challenges was fun. The charitable aspect was the main goal for us, and the handwritten notes to the bike recipients added a personal touch and a more personal value add so that each team member felt engaged. The facilitator handled everything perfectly. Extremely organized. Uplifting and comfortable on stage. The perfect lead for team building events!! Extremely well organized and the schedule was timed perfectly. Having someone handle all the details, logistics, and providing all the necessary tools and parts seamlessly meant no hassles or fuss during planning for our company event. BCE literally handled everything! So great!


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Program Details
Group Size:
30 to 1,000+
Team Size:
Program Length:
90 minutes
Space Requirement:
25 sq. ft. per person
Indoor / Outdoor
Program Elements
  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun &Engaging Interaction
  • Relationship Building & Networking
What's Included?
Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes bicycles, helmets and locks, the team building program, prep, production coordination and all materials, program design, a professional lead facilitator and staffing.
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Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

We have been working on improving our website. If you experience any difficulties with our forms, please let us know at

If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

    If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

    Phone: 800.849.8326

    Request a Quote

    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

    We have been working on improving our website. If you experience any difficulties with our forms, please let us know at

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326

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