A group of people standing on stage with guitars.

Learning to play music can have a very powerful and positive effect on young people. With Build-a-Guitar®, corporate groups have the opportunity to build and donate guitars to young people. As the name suggests, teams are tasked to build high-quality guitars from custom designed kits. The finished guitars are then donated to teens through schools and other youth organizations.

Wagon Build Donation

A group of people posing in red wagons.

Wagon Build Donation benefits underprivileged preschool-age children, providing them with a classic learning tool to boost their coordination, imagination and much more. Teams will build full-size, Red Steel Radio Flyer® Ranger Wagons for donation to a local charity, loading each one with a stuffed animal and children’s book. This program will leave your team feeling energized and with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they put smiles on the faces of children in need.

Time Management Workshop

A group of blue clocks on a black background.

While technology has revolutionized how the world does business, it has also created a crisis in time management. This program offers the necessary techniques and resources individuals and companies can use to gain back control of their time, with tools even the busiest within an organization can use with great effect. Participants will learn how to handle interruptions, the importance of long-term planning, prioritizing tasks and more.

DiSC Workshop

Four different pictures of people with the word disc.

In this eye-opening workshop, your group will be introduced to the DiSC Model, a behavior assessment tool that helps professionals understand their own styles of behavior and communication, as well as those of their colleagues. Learning how to manage these styles and identify areas in need of improvement can help participants eliminate bad habits, minimize conflict and improve the overall success of their team.

We Care for Schools

A group of people posing for a photo.

We Care for Schools benefits local schools that are in dire need of supplies, including pencils, paper, glue, paintbrushes, first aid kits, and more for the classroom, nurse’s office, and art room. While participating in fun activities and challenges delivered on iPads, your team will assemble bags full of these items for donation to the local school district. Participants will leave feeling great with the knowledge that they helped support a child’s education.

Project Alzheimer’s™

A woman in a wheelchair is being listened to by a doctor.

Inspired by the powerful documentary, Alive Inside, this heartwarming program is designed to help those living in nursing homes, particularly those individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease or other causes of dementia. Your group will participate in activities with music and memory themes, earning MP3 players and other items to donate to the elderly afflicted with this terrible disease.

Operation Toy Donation

Operation Toy Donation.

Operation Toy Donation is a wonderfully meaningful program designed to benefit disadvantaged children. The program includes fun icebreakers and energizing iPads activities, including photo and video challenges and revolves around the assembling of children’s toys and necessities, which are packaged and festively wrapped. It’s the perfect charity team building event if your group wants to make a difference in the lives of children in need!

Operation Military Care

A group of people standing around an american flag.

This event will give your group a deep sense of patriotism as it works together to prepare care packages for people currently serving in the military. Teams will first engage in various point-based activities including trivia, puzzles and other problem-solving scenarios delivered on iPads. The care packages are then assembled and decorated for donation to service men and women and their families.

Donation Nation Care Packs

A group of people in a stadium.

Teams will engage in fun, challenging team building activities leading to the assembly of care packages for a chosen charity. This is an extraordinary way to build team spirit & infuse your group with positive energy and goodwill. Examples of charities include homeless shelters, food banks, hospices, animal shelters, nursing homes, and other community and social service agencies. A representative from the charity may surprise your group, speaking passionately about the organization and their mission.


A group of people in blue t - shirts sitting on the floor.

A CSR program that will touch your heart, Build-a-Wheelchair® is a fun, worthwhile event that benefits the growing population of persons with mobility challenges. Beginning with various iPads® activities to earn the needed materials, teams will then assemble, safety test and decorate new wheelchairs for donation. When possible, a representative from the selected charity will arrive to accept and thank the group for their donations.