The BEST facilitator team with the items they assembled for donation at their annual meeting

Giving Back – More Important Than Ever

Giving back to the communities we live and work in has always been a priority at Best Corporate Events. All over the country, our charitable programs are some of the most popular with our clients, because they love to have fun while doing good as much as we do. This has allowed us to facilitate thousands of donations to organizations and communities in need.

Our team is spread out all over the country, but when we do get together, it is no surprise to find give back activities on the docket. We bring all our facilitators from across the country together each fall for training and camaraderie.

For our 2019 gathering, our team got to assemble items from some of our most popular CSR programs like Bike Build Donation®, Build-a-Guitar®, and Wagon Build Donation™ that we donated to a local organization in Pinellas County, FL, where our national headquarters is located.

We were lucky to have this chance to get together and do good before the onset of COVID-19 because the virus has made delivering charitable team building events impossible.

We recognize that during this challenging time around the world, non-profit organizations are struggling, and need financial support to continue their essential roles in their communities.

That’s why as we have worked to find innovative and high-tech solutions to presenting events virtually to our clients, and to find ways to continue incorporating give back into our events.

Our charitable organization partners have been in touch, and most are still striving to stay fully operational for their communities. That means they need the same support as ever from corporate partners in order to fulfill their essential roles in their communities.

A graph representing charitable organizations and their level of operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The best way to explain what our partners are going through is to hear what they have to say.

“We truly appreciate the work of BCE and all of your clients to want to help during these uncertain times. It is difficult for us as non-profits to continue to serve our most vulnerable populations with limited funds and supplies. Currently, our cash and in-kind donations are down so that is limiting the number of military and veterans that we can serve. We continue to do the best that we can because of wonderful people like BCE and your clients. Thank you for being heroes to our heroes!”

“We have been an operating nonprofit for seventeen years and served hundreds and hundreds of youth but are struggling to make sure that we can be operational into 2021 when we can offer in-person programming again.”

“No donation is too small. We appreciate and put to use everything that is given to us.”

“Please don’t be afraid to help. This is a critical time to support children who have had their worlds turned upside down, they need a sense of childhood in any way we can give it to them.”

“We become better together!”

We love being a part of the good our clients are always trying to do when they participate in our charitable events. We know how important supporting their communities is to them, how much more meaningful it makes their gatherings, and we know how much everyone has been hurting during this globally challenging time.

We also know that as companies stabilize, and we move towards the day when live events will return, giving back is rising to the forefront of everyone’s mind again.

It comes as no surprise that PPE and monetary donations are at the top of most organizations’ wish list right now. While most charitable events require physically collecting or assembling items to donate, monetary donations are something that can be accomplished virtually – and in a way that still brings teams together to have fun and bond.

A chart showing donation needs from charitable organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic

We will be here ready to deliver great charitable team building events again as soon as it is safe to hold live events. In the meantime, we have developed a series of Virtual Game Shows and Entertainment programs, the grand finale of which can all include a monetary donation in any amount you choose to uphold the Best Corporate Events giveback tradition.