Build a Wheelchair Dallas Stadium

A Wheelchair Donation Just In Time!

Build-a-Wheelchair Saves the Day

“The Council is a Special Needs Shelter that was open for 11 days during Hurricane Irma taking care of 399 Special Needs residents. We were so thankful we had not yet distributed all of the wheelchairs we received through Best Corporate Events and their Build-a-Wheelchair® Program.

The wheelchairs were used continuously throughout the 11 days the shelter was in operation. No one would have anticipated that those wheelchairs would help so many people!! Please express our sincere thanks to your client partner and Best Corporate Events for being an important part of caring for these vulnerable people in a time of disaster.”

All my best,
Osceola Council of Aging

Best Corporate Events is very grateful to partner with some of the top philanthropic organizations in the country.  We appreciate receiving these types of emails and such kind words of thanks!  Its give back programs like Build a Wheelchair®, Bike Build Donation® and more that make team building so fun and fulfilling!

If your company is looking for ways to boost team spirit and bond, while helping less fortunate members of your community, Best Corporate Events is here to help.