Amazing Chase SmartHunt team in front of huge waterfall

Three Outdoor Team Building Events to Shake Off the Winter Blues

This year on Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil forecasted an early spring, so it’s about time to enjoy the promise of that warm weather. Though some parts of the country have had lingering snowstorms, we’re finally facing the last of the chilly forecasts.  What better way to embrace the sunshine than by planning your next corporate team building event? We offer numerous spectacular outdoor programs!

amazing-chase-grassAmazing Chase
An event that can be held virtually anywhere, including a hotel or resort property, public park or city, Amazing Chase is a series of fun activities, including photo and stunt challenges for groups broken up into teams of 5-10. Race around a customized route completing the activities as you go, using your team’s own strategies to try and be declared the Amazing Chase Champions!

“The Amazing Chase was simply: amazing. We thought it would be a fun outdoor event but the structure of the program really brought out the unique strengths of the individuals on each team. Our group had a great time with your well organized program. Thank you so much!” -Stella, Honeywell International

City SmartHunt bridgeSmartHunts
Nothing announces ‘spring has arrived’ like running through a historic location or interesting venue in the sunshine!  Our SmartHunts are the most technologically-advanced scavenger hunts available, as we’re the only company that uses Apple iPads and our proprietary app to send teams out into the warm weather with an incredible array of challenges, trivia, and goals — all while keeping track of their locations as they explore the area.

“Many thanks to all of you for building and executing a great SmartHunts event for our attendees. The iPads were great and the slide show and videos at the end of the event were a terrific hit!” -Sue, Macy’s Inc.

build-raft-oceanBuild-a-Raft Competition
In this high-energy program, teams compete to create, transport, and launch their own watercraft!  Perfect for outdoor pools, lakes, or even the ocean, this team building event makes the most of a wide open location and a bright sunny day!

“I had to pass along that our staff is still buzzing about the Build-a-Raft Competition last week. Everyone had a great time. The outdoor adventure was just outstanding, a real lifetime memory. Who would have thought that you could build boats out of the materials provided and then race them in the river. AMAZING!” -Matt, Penske Automotive