Singing team

The Music of Teamwork

“We spend millions of dollars on sports because it promotes teamwork, discipline, and the experience of learning to make great progress in small increments. Learning to play music does all this and more.” –Linda Ronstadt
Whether your music career ended with mandatory recorder lessons in fourth grade or you’re currently a world-class virtuoso, you know that creative collaboration enhances the experience for both the participants and the listeners.  In other words, a fifty-person orchestra soaring all at once creates a sound that’s often more powerful than one single timpani player or bassoonist could make on his or her own.


For those in the corporate world, the metaphor is apt: only with a team working in unison, each applying their particular expertise in a prescribed way that works with the whole, can there be harmony. The programs we offer require no skill with a musical instrument, but they do apply this principle to carefully-crafted activities that help team members listen to each other, find their strengths, see where they fit into the big picture, and avoid cacophony. And that’s music to everyone’s ears!