group painting

The Corporate Canvas

Many times companies call us and ask, “do you offer any team building involving art?” Meeting planners are looking for something that includes painting and bonding their team at the same time.  BEST created The Corporate Canvas which is a creative and unique approach to painting for teams! The Corporate Canvas is a perfect event for groups looking to improve leadership, communication and collaboration amongst their team.

Companies can choose between four different versions and select the one that best represents your company’s culture.  The mural will incorporate your company logo and the following words; Innovation, Passion, Integrity, Leadership, Quality, Teamwork, Diversity and Success. When complete, this 4 foot by 8-foot mural will be yours to keep and display in your office.

The event kicks off with an energetic icebreaker. Then teams will begin painting their masterpiece. Depending on your group size, each team will paint separate murals and at the end come together as one large mural to display in your office.

Even the least experienced artist will have a blast knowing they contributed to the mural! Teams must work together and collaborate to produce the end piece. They will be proud to have contributed to the end result. Teams will gain a better understanding of communication and teamwork while completing the mural.  

In The Corporate Canvas program, every person in your group will have an opportunity to paint and sign a section of a large colorful company mural. We’ve designed four versions of The Corporate Canvas for your company to choose from, produced as paint-by-number canvases, and including your company logo. You can also choose to paint two or more canvases depending upon your group size or the number of offices.

Painting can benefit your team in many ways. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Painting is relaxing and stress-free. Participants will chat while painting and get to know each other.
  • Painting builds confidence which can improve their performance at work.
  • Teams must listen carefully and follow the instructions; thus improving these skills.
  • One member of the group is bound to take the lead. The “leaders” create confidence for future leadership roles.

So whether your team is newly formed, recently meeting in person and just wants to collaborate and have fun, The Corporate Canvas is the perfect event where everyone contributes to a beautiful masterpiece that will be kept on display for years to come! The large 4 feet by 8 feet mural is the perfect reminder of the fun their painting experience.