Leadership vs Management: What’s the Main Difference?

Illustration of six people marching with red and white flags, led by a person wearing a red cape and waving a red flag, symbolizing the contrast between leadership vs management.

Though the terms “leadership” and “management” are often used interchangeably, and every organization needs both in order to succeed, they are very different concepts. Understanding the difference between leadership and management is vital for balancing and coordinating efforts between the two.

Two Types of Key Takeaways from Team Building Activities

A group of eight business professionals, dressed in formal attire, standing in an office setting with large windows and wooden floors, smiling and making thumbs-up gestures—clearly showcasing the positive takeaways from their corporate team building exercises.

During team building activities, participants experience challenges, camaraderie, recognition, and fun. But what do they take away? After the shared laughter and the high-fives, what do they bring back home and to the workplace from that experience?

Ways to Improve Team Cohesion and Manage a Team with Different Personalities

A handshake drawn in chalk on a blackboard.

The key to unlocking the high-performance potential of diverse teams is skilled management. Without the right tools in place for managers to understand and address the different personalities, perspectives, and work styles of team members, there are significant risks of dissatisfaction, dysfunction, and eventually employee turnover. Here are several tools, processes, and programs that can help managers optimize the collaboration, cohesion, and performance of diverse work teams.

Team Building: Expert Guide to Team Building Activities That Work

A woman in a business suit, pointing to a checklist as a team building guide.

Team building activities have come a long way from the days of “trust falls” (trite), ropes courses (dangerous), and paintball (just a really bad idea). Today’s team building is serious business, delivering measurable results in terms of improved and increased collaboration, employee engagement, and productivity.