Strengthen Synergy while Promoting Healthy Competition

A fun cartoon of a businessman playing a team building game with a ball.

Fun team building games are an excellent way to break your regular workflow and build some motivation in the workplace!

Team building games are a great way to get your team to:

  •  connect
  • work together more efficiently

Time: 8-12 minutes

Purpose: Healthy Competition and synergy.

Participants: small groups

Materials: Golf balls, straws, tape


  1.  Each team is equipped with 12 straws and 18 inches of masking tape. They will then have ten minutes to build a container that will be capable of catching a golf ball dropped from about ten feet.
  2. Each team selects a ‘Ball dropper’ – that person stands on a chair, holds a golf ball at eye level. That team places its container on the floor under where it thinks the ball will land. Each team is permitted 3 attempts.
  3. The team that scores a ball into their container and it remains there wins the activity!

Teams that work well together are happier and more effective!

But finding the right exercise can be challenging; not every team is comfortable certain types of activities.

Sometimes, communication needs to be encouraged. And sometimes to be effective, communication must also be practiced. Research continues to show that team exercises can:

  • improve communication and motivation among workers
  • help create a more cohesive and productive work environment

When a team-building activity works out, employees end up united as a group and experience the following things:

  • increasing strengths
  • addressing weaknesses
  • developing important problem-solving capacity
  • creativity skills.

Furthermore, a good working environment makes each worker enjoy their time at the office more, and everyone knows a happy worker is a good worker.

The goal for this activity is simple.

When all is said and done, by working together teams are able to utilize their experiences in the game to conquer work problems and relational issues.

  Now go have some fun!

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