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SmartHunts® Challenge – Find Paul Blart: Mall Cop

During one of our SmartHunts® programs in Washington, D.C., a team following the hunt map on their iPad® wound up in a mall. Their first challenge was to shoot video of someone using one of their company’s products.

Find Paul Blart: Mall Cop SmartHunt challenge

They looked around, and then one of their sharp-eyed team members started pointing and shouting excitedly in the direction of a rather rotund mall cop, who was holding one of the walkie-talkies their company makes.  As soon as they started shooting video of him, the man noticed and strode over, suspicious.  “Give me that,” he said gruffly, insisting that they let him hold the iPad so he could see what was on it.

They complied and started to explain about the high-tech scavenger hunt they were on, but fell off into silence when they saw what the cop was angrily staring at.  To the left of the video screen was a list of challenges the team hadn’t gotten to yet. The very next challenge was to videotape someone who looked like Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

As a few team members quietly giggled, the cop solemnly handed back the iPad, growled they should “leave the premises immediately,” and pulled out his walkie-talkie to call for backup.

The team won the Best Clip Award for videotaping themselves getting chased out of a mall by a cop who was using their company’s own product!

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