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Ways to Celebrate Senior Citizen Day

Today is Senior Citizen Day where we are reminded of the hardworking generations that came before us. Best is dedicated to offering over 17 CSR charitable team building programs; two of which help senior citizens!

Our CSR team building programs feature group activities designed to boost team spirit while giving back to the community. These uplifting events include activities, games, and challenges. The events result in the creation of items for donation to local and national charities. These charities are for the benefit of overseas soldiers, schools, the homeless, children, the elderly, and Alzheimer’s patients – to name a few.

Seniors by the numbers

Most people define “senior citizen” as a person over the age of 65. In 1950 there were 200 million people over 60 years old. By 2000 that number had tripled to nearly 600 million. By 2025 it is estimated that there will be over 1 billion older persons.

Seniors have a wealth of knowledge gained through their hard work and years of experience. They are a valuable asset to our community. It is our pleasure in offering programs that give back and help so many seniors in need.

A couple of featured programs

Our first featured program is Project Alzheimers™. Designed to help people living with Alzheimer’s, this program reawakens their souls through listening to their favorite music. Your group will compete in a fun competition which enables them to earn points.  The points help them to earn MP3 players and other items to be donated to the elderly. Local organizations receive the donations and are trained on how to set up the on MP3 players for those in their care. As the team’s gain points, other items earned include headphones, knot blanket kits, stuffed animal kits, markers, and all the tools necessary to complete the care packages.

Donating items that can change people’s quality of life will touch your group’s hearts and elevate morale. Our give back programs create lasting memories that are captured on Apple iPads we provide.  Following the event, we share a link that includes all the photos and videos captured on the iPads!


Another popular program that helps seniors is our Build-a-Wheelchair®. Build-a-Wheelchair® is a corporate social responsibility program born out of a desire to help American veterans and others with various mobility challenges. In this fun and worthwhile program, groups use teamwork skills and iPads® activities to earn the materials necessary to assemble, test and decorate these new wheelchairs for donation.

The most special part of our CSR programs is at the end when someone from the charity comes to the event in person to accept the donations. It is an excellent opportunity hearing about each of the organizations and learning more about the recipients that we help.

So next time your company is looking for ways to participate in #SeniorCitizensDay, choose a team building program that boosts team spirits while helping others. Show your support and appreciation to seniors in the community and participate in a CSR charitable event.