Managing Your Time at Home

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People transition from the traditional corporate workplace to a home office environment. They find that the distractions of the workplace (interruptions from colleagues, pop-up meetings, electronic and phone time-eaters) have now been combined with new forms of distractions. Distractions, which include family responsibilities, email and instant messaging, social media, and pop-up meetings.

This course will focus on the skills necessary to get a better handle on your day with proven tips and methodologies to help make your home office space a productive and thriving environment. We will focus on:

  • Distinguishing between tasks that add value and tasks that have an artificial sense of urgency
  • Email management best practices and etiquette, including technology tips for platforms such as Outlook and Gmail
  • Maintaining the boundaries of work and personal life, including routines and techniques to separate yourself from the two worlds within your home mentally.
  • How to close each day with a plan for building a successful tomorrow
  • Using digital platforms to share tasks between workers
  • Avoiding the stress associated with having personal and professional responsibilities in one physical space

Our team of training professionals, who have collectively worked with remote groups in over 75 countries, will customize your workshop to meet your specific goals and outcomes.

We will conduct an assessment prior to your program to ensure the training meets the specific needs of your group, whether they are just starting to navigate the virtual team environment, or have already been using various virtual tools and would like next-level guidance.

We also offer a 60-Minute version of this program called WHF! Work From Home?

Clients Talk About this Program

Our group enjoyed this event! It provided a good overview and refresher of the basics. We most enjoyed the whiteboarding portion of the session, which the team found fun. Everyone bonded well while reflecting on different styles for dealing with change.

Adam, Celeros Flows Technology
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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    Up to 30
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    2 to 3 hours
  • Space Requirement:
  • Setting:
  • Physicality:

Program Elements

  • Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Individual and Team Development
  • Performance & Continuous Improvement

What's Included?

The program includes professional facilitation via video conferencing platform and program materials provided to each participant.

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