Mural of the World

Over 65,000 People Have Now Been a Part of the Mural of the World

    “Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.” -Arthur Koestler

    Big news from Mural of the World, our incredible program that’s a combination of creativity, philanthropy, and (of course) solid team building! Mural of the World® is the brainchild of Best Corporate Events’ founder, Scott Flynn, and Indianapolis-based artist Doug Arnholter. The most recent mural, painted by over 3,000 participants in Washington DC, is the 28th piece in the project, which now puts the total number of people over 65,000.


    Doug, the artist who creates the paint-by-number canvases for each group to work on for the program, has also recently been invited by the Indianapolis Arts Center to join its faculty and teach workshops on contemporary frescoes.  We are proud both of Doug and of the widespread international impact his powerful charitable program is having as it continues to grow.