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National Do Something Fun at Work Day

It’s #NationalFunAtWorkDay, and what a better excuse to do something fun at our corporate office with our very own team, we’ll take it!

But what would befit the team members at BEST, a company that does team building across the nation and beyond?  Surely not a game of cards, or hopscotch. Perhaps Jax, or duck-duck-goose? No, while all of those are great games, we need activities that are more creative… Aha! Are you ready for this? Human Bingo! That’s right, human, followed by the word bingo.  Let’s get right into it!

  • We’ve prepared the bingo cards full of interesting and fun facts about people.
  • We’ve broken into teams and begin to fill in the bingo boxes with the facts learning about the other members of our corporate team.
  • The team with the most bingos on their board wins!

group of people forming a circle in a parking lot filling out bingo cards
group of people standing in parking lot filling out bingo cards
two hands holding a bingo card that he's filling out


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