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  • Posted October 26, 2017

LinkedIn, The New Handshake

Has the digital age replaced a good old handshake?

In business, it is the norm to shake hands with someone you meet to make that initial connection and start a relationship.  Whether it’s a good hearty handshake or a weaker one, you can judge a person by their handshake.  This may or may not be a good idea.

In the current day in age, LinkedIn is the new handshake, a very non-personal form of a handshake.  There is still that fear of rejection, although perhaps not as immediately painful as reaching out a hand to someone who keeps their hand stiffly at their side.  Still, LinkedIn is the newest way to connect, where you can virtually meet and “shake hands” with someone on the other side of the world.

Best Corporate Events and SmartHunts on Linkedin

LinkedIn proves to be a very precious tool in finding new Best Corporate Events and SmartHunts clients. At both companies, we use it on a daily basis to research companies, people, and business trends.  After attending conferences, like IMEX America last week in Las Vegas, we used LinkedIn to follow up with new relationships we made at the event.  

It is helpful to make connections with others who hold the same interests and are in similar industries such as CSR and Team Building.  You can then further your connections by seeing who these people are linked to and make additional valuable connections. On a personal level, when you change jobs, professions or locations, LinkedIn is the easiest way to notify all of your contacts at once.
The Premium LinkedIn version offers different features vs. the free LinkedIn version.  One of these benefits is you can see who is looking at your profile.  Often, this can be helpful to extend an invitation directly to that person to connect with you right away.

The Premium version also allows you to connect with more people and has no use limitations that the free version does. This is a great feature for our business profiles on LinkedIn.

Check out the latest on LinkedIn

We came across this interesting article about new features LinkedIn plans to launch and thought we would share.  Not only will you be able to link with people, but then also have a conversation a lot easier.  LinkedIn boosts it’s messaging and more. Read Article Here

LinkedIn, The New Handshake by Linda Davis, DMC Relationship Manager

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