Challenging times are the perfect time to innovate. Not only do challenges present reasons to innovate, creating innovative solutions can put a silver lining on a difficult situation and help launch an even more successful future.

That’s how innovation helped Best Corporate Events. During the pandemic, we had to innovate to adapt to the rapid changes that affected the world of events. Our team came up with innovative ways to build new kinds of programs and use new technology solutions to virtually deliver our existing programs. Listening to the needs of our customers and DMC partners allowed us to rise to the challenge and create innovative ways to provide them with the types of programming they were looking for to support their teams while working remotely, and keep spirits up during challenging times.

Combining in-person and virtual programming was our next challenge. We needed to develop hybrid events for companies that wanted to include their remote employees in their in-person meetings and events. Our innovations with virtual programming laid the groundwork to allow us to introduce and deliver hybrid programs with help from our sister company SmartHunts. We added some additional features, including Zoom integration, to the SmartHunts app, giving it all the capabilities necessary to create a hybrid platform that could deliver exciting interactive hybrid programs.

Innovation took Best Corporate Events from an in-person team building company – to a live, virtual, and hybrid corporate team building, training, and entertainment company in one year!

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