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  • By Jonathan Ruales
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  • Posted March 1, 2016

Guess and Switch, an Easy Activity for High Performance Teams

The ability to adapt in a changing environment is a crucial trait for high performance teams and employees.

This activity below is a guessing game in which participants will switch teams frequently.

Guess and Switch

Time: 10-20 minutes

Purpose: Participants get comfortable with constantly changing teams and allegiances; also they will see how ineffective yes/no questions are.

Participants: 5-15 people

Materials required: None

  1. Divide the group in half. The teams gather in opposite corners of the room.
  2. One participant from each team leaves the room. Together, their task is to quickly pick any object in the world.
  3. They return to the team opposite the one they left.
  4. Each team then asks the participant questions to determine what the object is. They may ask only questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no.”
  5. When a team guesses the object, they clap their hands to win the round.
  6. Both participants, who originally left the room, now join the winning team.
  7. Each team selects a new participant to leave the room for another round.
  8. Play continues until one team captures all members or until a predetermined time limit is reached.


  • How did you feel when your team started dwindling? (Nervous, threatened, more competitive, frustrated, etc.)
  • How did you feel as your team started to grow? (Excited and energized, superior, confident, glad to be part of a winning team, etc.)
  • How did you feel when you had to join a different team? (Reluctant, not welcome, excited to be on the winning team, etc.)
  • Did you find a pattern of questioning emerge that proved successful for the team?
  • What kinds of questions could we have asked to guess the object quicker? (How is this object used? What is the object’s size and shape? And other open-ended questions.)
  • What implications does this activity have for us back on the job?


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