Tom Leu - Keynote

Full Day Events & Keynotes

Corporate meeting planners often ask us if we offer Keynote Speakers. We know the importance of kicking off the day with an inspiring speech. It was important to us to not only add keynote speakers to our lineup but to program full day events that entertain, motivate and inspire your group.

Keynotes are critical

We introduce Full Day events, a series of 3 events in one day for your group. Each program relates and connects to the next. Start the day with a 60-minute inspirational keynote, designed to set the tone and encourage maximum participant impact. We’ve partnered with Tom Leu, a dynamic keynote speaker, and corporate trainer. Tom offers unique proprietary content with one-of-a-kind “edutainment” you can’t get anywhere else.

Tom Leu’s Corporate Kick-Off Keynotes will be customized to your event and your companies goals.  BEST offers a keynote to kick off every team building program.  Strategic communication affecting improved productivity is not only valuable but also necessary for next-level professionals in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world. Tom’s keynotes can also be done as a stand-alone.

Introducing Full Day Events

With the addition of Kick-off keynotes, BEST facilitates fun and meaningful full-day events for your group based on their needs and desired outcomes. So instead of a two-hour window to pack everything in, start with a Kick-off Keynote, followed by an inspiring Interactive Program and then end with a rewarding Team Building Event to wrap up the day!

Whether in the conference room, boardroom, ballroom or convention center, BEST will facilitate three programs that all relate to one another and share common vantage points and strategies for success.

Are you in the planning stages of your upcoming conference? Is your company looking to add a day to its agenda that includes a motivational kickoff, an interactive activity, and a group team building activity? Then Full Day Events with BEST are for you!