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The Most Common Reasons Companies Hire Us

When you think of team building, what do you think are the most common reasons that companies decide to hire a team building company? For an office party, annual conference or a company retreat? The answer is, all the time! Team building can be included as part of a companies agenda for many reasons.  Here are some of the most common reasons companies hire us.

A lot of the large Fortune 500 companies host an Annual Conference. At the conference, attendees break into smaller groups to learn specialized skills. The group then comes back together for the General session to learn about company-wide initiatives. Topics may include goals for the coming year, motivational speakers or organizational realignment.

Enter Best Corporate Events. Companies hire us to facilitate team building programs to their group at different times during the conference.  Often as the kick-off to the event, in the middle to break up the agenda or at the end of the conference as a fun conclusion.

Our Largest Program Of All Time

Our largest program to date was in February of 2018. We facilitated a Bike Build Donation® for 3,400 Lowe’s managers and built 1,048 bicycles! The Bike Build Donation® was done at the conclusion of their event.  It was just what the group needed after sitting for days straight in meetings and training classes.  It was a fun afternoon to let loose and help those in need. We were told attendees that those who attended the conference in prior years, look forward to the last day because they know it will be a time to have fun and give back to the local community. Any group size from 30 and beyond can use team building to boost the company’s morale and provide a fun activity for its attendees. At Best Corporate events, we specialize in large groups! Learn more about our large group programming here.

We love CSR!

Sometimes companies have a corporate initiative known as CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a self-regulating business model that helps the company be socially accountable – to itself, its stakeholders and the public. At Best, we offer over 16 CSR team building programs, which benefit local organizations.  Our CSR programs help senior citizens, children, and veterans to name a few.

Another reason companies may plan team building is because sometimes two companies are merging to create one. They want to host a team building activity to introduce the employees to each other from each company. Team building is a great way to increase synergy and boost morale. This is a very common reason that we might facilitate one of our professional development programs, like Speed Networking for example.

Our SmartHunts® are the perfect activity for companies who are looking to explore a new city. Groups may be visiting a new city, but be locked indoors all day stuck in meetings. SmartHunts® are a combination of sightseeing, gaming, and laughter and the best way to get out and explore a city!

Most importantly, have fun!

Most importantly, sometimes we are just brought in to have fun! If you are fortunate to work at a company that invests in its employees and that wants to keep you happy, having fun is one of the most popular reasons companies may schedule team building.

In conclusion, the timing for team building may differ depending on the company, but the end goal is always similar. Give back, boost team spirit and have fun!