Our group definitely enjoyed their Virtual Magic Show. The holiday spirit contest was fun and also the portion when Anton showed us his secret to the floating card magic trick! I think in this virtual environment, just being able to see each other at once was fun. Typically, we have multiple group meetings per year and none of them happened this year. Everyone really liked the engagement aspect of the event. They enjoyed being called on and being able to participate during the magic show and within the magic tricks. It didn’t feel like we were just watching, it felt like you were involved. Everyone also enjoyed that Anton was relatable but also really funny with his delivery. The one thing I asked for was to make sure the event was fun and engaging because we wanted people to relax. You all hit both points so overall, our group was satisfied. We even had 2 advisors reach out after the show and asked for information on how they can host a similar show for their individual teams-which has to be a good thing, right? 🙂 GREAT SHOW!!

Shay,  Lincoln Financial Group

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