Monalto / City SmartHunt / Paula

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It’s been such a pleasure from the planning through implementation working with Best Corporate Events/SmartHunts, so thank your entire team, for making this such an easy and seamless experience! The group really enjoyed the hunt, with the bonus that Nashville is a really cool city to explore and learn about. Thank you again, we will […]

Boys and Girls Club / Earth Wind & Solar / Tanya Orr

Boys and girls clubs of nassau county.

We cannot thank you enough for contacting us for this amazing opportunity! I had a blast with Adam and the J&J Team, such a fun group. Our Club members are so excited to start using their STEM kits. Please feel free to reach out with any future opportunities and if you are ever in Nassau […]

Miller Tanner Associates / Build-a-Wheelchair / Meredith Shottes

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Our event this week was an incredible success. I want to particularly thank Paul – from start to finish he came in as a partner – listened to our unique point of view, learned our goals, and made this more fun than I could have dreamed.  We do lots of team building for our customers […]

Crack the Case / Alkermes / Valerie

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Best Corporate Events put on a great teambuilding event for our first annual department onsite gathering. We chose “Crack the Case” for our event which was a lot of fun, quite challenging, and which did encourage our group members to collaborate to solve the later puzzles. Our facilitator did an excellent job of facilitating our […]

Crack the Case / Valerie Joy Events / Valerie

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I own an event planning company and I hired Best Corporate Events to facilitate “Crack the Case” and I heard nothing but positive reviews from the attendees. I look forward to working with you guys again in the future.

Team Olympics / World Bank Group / Duane

Washington DC World Bank

I cannot stress enough how much fun our staff had during the Team Olympics portion of our HSD Spring 2023 Retreat Picnic.  The entire process of hiring BCE, coordination with you, working with Eric and the other facilitators, and ease of payment / working with Jennifer was just amazing.  Although there was a chance the […]

Build-a-Band / Howden Tiger / Carrie

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Best Corporate Events has done it again!   This time, providing a hugely successful Build a Band Challenge, which took place in our host city of Nashville!  Our attendees took part in trivia challenges and were able to build their own band of teammates producing some very creative guitar cases along with working guitars and a […]

Build-a-Band / Best Corporate Events / Scott

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When we contacted our charitable partners about what instruments they needed the most for their music programs (other than the guitars through our Build-a-Guitar), they said bass guitars and drums! That was the inspiration for Build-a-Band! We know you can’t build a guitar in an hour because they need to be sanded, stained, coated, and […]

Jeoparody Live / AACOM / Christine DeCarlo


The event was great—it was so much fun and a very special way to celebrate our 125th anniversary! Our guests all seemed to really enjoy it (especially the teams who participated up onstage)! Thanks again for helping us pull off such a fun evening