Thank you for assisting in making this event happen, and pulling it together so quickly! Thank you to your team, and to everyone involved. It was a great success and my client was very happy with the experience, as was I. I want to give a special shout-out to our facilitator Badari who is an absolute gentleman to work with. He also is an expert at setting up those tables. There were so many items, but he had it all looking neat and professional. I’m happy to say we filled all 30 bags and had leftover items to give as well. And a huge thank you to David Sanders from Crossroads Community Service for stopping by the hotel and addressing | thanking the group. It was an extra special touch to have you there. And thank you to Leon for taking on the task of picking up all the bags the next day for delivery. We appreciate that. We are in the midst of growing our Green, Sustainable division called “Green Scene NYC Events”. A huge part of this will be Giving Back Events, Community Service, etc. so we plan on doing many more of these sorts of events including the Team Building options that have a give-back component. We look forward to the next time.

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