When I contacted our national charity organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club, about what instruments are most needed for their music programs, they all said guitars! That turned out to be a real challenge, but I am thrilled to finally be able to add this cool program to our lineup of charitable CSR events.

I say finally because the key was the guitar. You can’t build a DIY guitar in an hour because they need to be sanded, stained, coated and then assembled, which takes hours because it involves gluing necks, drilling holes, and soldering connections.

So we hired a top guitar company to build us a guitar kit from scratch, with instructions, that could be assembled in an hour without all the steps mentioned above. They are excellent quality; one-of-a-kind guitar kits build exclusively for Best Corporate Events and they sound great! And each guitar comes with a strap, tuner, picks, and even an amplifier!

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