Clearwater Team Building

We could not ask for a better home for our corporate office. Located in sunny Clearwater, Florida, it’s home to plenty of sunshine, the most perfect weather and #1 rated Clearwater Beach. 

We partner with nonprofit charitable organizations across the US every day for our CSR giveback programs. CSR is our most popular program and helps benefit those in need. Each day our clients help veterans, senior citizens, students, and others by participating in a BEST CSR Clearwater team building event.  

Being based in beautiful Clearwater, we have the privilege to work with a local organization called Clearwater Jazz Holiday. The CJH hosts a four-day music festival that involves fundraisers and outreach events year-round. These innovative and exciting opportunities, allow the learning and funding needed to change the lives of people of all ages in the Clearwater community. 

Best Corporate Events has partnered with the Clearwater Jazz Holiday and kicked off its Annual Get Tuned event with our signature Build-a-Guitar program. Build-a-Guitar is an annual initiative designed to engage the greater family of CJH corporate partners and other supporters around a unique team building program. Participating teams assemble special guitars that are donated to CJH outreach partners.

With the help of the guitars we donate, CJH provides onsite group guitar lessons throughout the year with these outreach partners. Here is a brief description of what the CJH does with the instruments we donate. CJH identifies special opportunities to inspire young musicians with the gift of music. CJH collects donated instruments and also works with partners to help inspire young people to continue on their musical journey. Whether it is for a school jazz or band program, a committed student who may not otherwise be able to afford an instrument outside of the school system, or a dedicated proven talent, these gifts of beginner and professional-grade instruments are a symbol of CJH’s strong belief in these young talents and the power of music to change lives.

“Clearwater Jazz Holiday thanks Best Corporate Events for donating its wonderful Build-A-Guitar® charitable program and giving the gift of music to young people in our community.” – Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Here is a great picture of our CEO, Scott, and his wife, Trish, who had the pleasure of being recognized on the big stage at the music festival!