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One of the most popular team building event categories over the past ten years has been CSR-driven charity team building. Companies are always looking for ways to give back to the community, all while inspiring and bonding their team.

We offer a line up of 20 charitable team-building programs all which address your team’s desired goals. CSR programs are fun, impactful, and fulfilling and focus on teamwork, trust, and communication that result in a significant donation the people in need.

Our needs assessment tailors your charitable team building event to achieve goals by customizing your program to fit your group’s size and allotted time.

Giving back has never been this fun and fulfilling! Over the years, Best Corporate Events has developed a great lineup of charitable team building events and has built long-lasting relationships with top local and national philanthropic organizations. Our Charitable Resource Manager works closely with the nonprofit organizations and uses her expertise to manage the distribution of the donated items.

Our corporate charity events can be delivered anywhere in North America. They feature group bonding activities designed to boost team spirit while helping less fortunate members of your community.

Our Charitable programs include team building activities, games, trivia, and photo & video challenges delivered on iPads we provide.

The points received during the competition are used towards earning the items which will be donated to the local and national charities. Corporate charity events lead the way in team building.

Each of our CSR programs benefits those in need and can include the following to name a few:

  • Overseas soldiers
  • Kids with cancer
  • Homeless men, women, and families
  • Disabled veterans
  • Foster children
  • Senior citizens
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Underfunded schools
  • The physically challenged
  • Children’s music programs
  • Food for soup kitchens and food banks

We have designed and trademarked some of the top charity team building events in the industry, including:

  • Bike Build Donation®
  • Donation Nation™
  • Build-a-Guitar®
  • Helping the Homeless
  • We Care For Schools
  • Build-a-Wheelchair®
  • Bears and Blankets
  • Donation Nation™
  • Project Alzheimer’s
  • STEM Backpacks for Kids
  • Build-a-Rollator™
  • Minute 2 Win It for Charity
  • Fostering Hope™
  • Build-a-Green Machine
  • Locate & Donate SmartHunt®
  • Kids Rock!™
  • Operation Toy Donation
  • Charity Game Show
  • Mini-Golf Build & Food Donation
  • Operation Military Care

Everything from the production, coordination, and facilitation of our programs are of utmost importance to us. In an effort to deliver the donated items in a timely manner, the purchasing, warehousing, and shipping of the items are crucial for a successful program. Our Charitable Resource Manager works closely with the most reputable charitable organizations across America to donate the items to those most in need.

One of our charitable partners has the amazing ability to not only ship our Military Care Packages to servicemen and women overseas but has a system of identifying which soldiers receive little or no mail from home. When Bike Build Donation originally evolved, it was our goal to build bikes to children in after-school programs who had never owned a bicycle before. Our nonprofit partners went even further by identifying students who had excelled in their after-school programs as well and rewarding them with a bicycle.

Mini-Golf Build & Food Donation program is an extremely fun, fast-paced, charity team building event where each team designs a golf hole. After each team designs and builds their hole, all participants get the opportunity to play each hole competing for the gold medals. The twist is that each hole is to built using canned and boxed goods.

After the event, all the canned and boxed goods are packed up and donated to a local soup kitchen or food bank. Our largest food donation to date was from a group who donated 6,000 pounds of food to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Here is what their coordinator wrote to our client.

“When the 6,000 pounds of food was donated, the director pulled me aside and said, ‘We had a meeting 3 weeks ago and came to the tough realization that this fall we would not have enough food to feed all the needy families of Las Vegas in our neediest time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In one amazing effort, you guys have solved that problem. Thank you!”  Joseph – Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Best Corporate Events can deliver Charity team building programs to very large groups because of the event apps we’ve developed and the hundreds of iPads we have in our nationwide system. Our reputation precedes us and companies know we are the go-to company for large group team building. By adding our iPads and proprietary apps in 2010, the sky is the limit.  Best Corporate Events is the largest, nationwide, high-tech, charitable team building company in America. We are also the highest-rated Event Organizers in the nation with a customer TrustScore of 9.9/10.

The most popular CSR event is still a Bike Build Donation® program. We’ve delivered more bike builds, to groups with 25 to 3,500 participants, than any company in America. We’ve also delivered the largest Bike Build Donation on record.

In 2018, Lowe’s called upon us to deliver the largest Bike Build Donation in history. Over 3,500 Lowe’s managers from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and seven-time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson set a World record in Las Vegas by building and donating 1,048 bikes to deserving kids. Best Corporate Events was managing every detail of the event from start to finish.

“It was a great day for the 3,500 Lowe’s managers that participated in the Bike Build Donation event at the Sands Expo and Conference Center in Las Vegas. They set a World Record by building and donating 1,048 girls and boys bicycles, helmets, and locks to deserving children from Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the state of Nevada.” Dave – Lowe’s

Our second most popular corporate charity event is our Build-a-Wheelchair®.  When Dell bought EMC in October of 2016 for $67 billion dollars, they celebrated the largest deal in tech history with our Build-a-Wheelchair charity team building event. It was delivered to over 4,000 of their employees located in Southborough, Massachusetts, Austin, Texas, Cork, Ireland, and Bangalore, India.

“It has been quite a while since I first contacted your sales department to ask about what we might work on together for Dell’s merger with EMC… phew! We’ve covered a lot of ground in the meantime with four big programs, in three countries, enabling us to build a total of over 800 wheelchairs for donation. A BIG thank you for everything that we managed to achieve. Your Build-a-Wheelchair events were a HUGE hit for us all here.”MATT – Dell Global Communications

Other large charitable team building events include a We Care for Schools program with 1,900 employees at Novo Nordisk, a Locate & Donate SmartHunt® for 1,450 employees at Siemens Medical, a Donation Nation event for 900 people, an Operation Military Care program for 900 people for Allied PRA, and a Build-a-Guitar® event for 800 employees at Beacon.

These activities give companies something more productive and fulfilling to do during a large multiday company meeting besides the normal dinner or simple party. They can have fun and bond their team, and give back to the community, all at the same time!

These are the perfect recession-proof events for corporate America for the team building and for the philanthropy. During downtimes, it is critical to keep your team focused, motivated, and united. They will be anxious and need to know their teammates and their employers have their backs. Companies need to understand that during times like this, team building is of utmost importance, especially if they are downsizing or reorganizing the company.  Also important is give back to the community during downtimes, which makes our dual-purpose charity team building events the perfect solution.  

Our CSR programs give companies something more productive and fulfilling to do during a large multiday company meeting than a simple dinner or party. They can have fun and bond with their team while giving back to the community, all at the same time!

Best Corporate Events has delivered charitable team building programs to thousands of small to large companies and we would love to design and deliver a charitable event for your team. Corporate social responsibility has never been more fun! Contact us to learn how we can help your team bond while giving back to the community!

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