800 person guitar build

800 Person Guitar Build in Nashville!

Near to a thousand people participated in our Build-a-Guitar program, 800 to be exact, holy guacamole!

It’s not enough to have an incredible army of 800 guitar builders at this corporate event; this is going to be happening in the legendary “Music City,” Nashville! Nashville’s connection to music is unequaled, and its reputation as Music City has been consistently proven for over 200 years. As the 1800s unraveled, Nashville grew to become a national center for music publishing. The first around-the-world tour by a musical act was by the Fisk Jubilee Singers from Nashville’s Fisk University. Their efforts assisted in funding the school’s mission of educating freed slaves after the Civil War while also putting Nashville on the map as a global music center.

Music is known as a universal language, something that can inspire us, motivate us, set the mood, and speak to our situations! New talent is unearthed every day as there are thousands of students who desire to learn and pursue music! These teens are in schools and local organizations that are in need of quality instruments! Build-a-Guitar was formed to serve this need! These guitar kits were specifically designed to provide a unique and exciting company event.

After building all guitars, don’t be surprised if a spontaneous jam session and photo op break out. So, let’s get rolling and make some guitars for future musicians of America, who will never forget your generous gift to their school or organization. At the conclusion of the program, a local charity or school representative will address your group and thank you for your donation to this corporate charity event.

It’s so refreshing to think about how 800 more instruments will be available to teens and students within schools and local organizations.



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