5 Benefits of Team Building

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The Benefits of Team Building – Learn from the Pros

The benefits of team building are plentiful. Positive employee and team relationships are vital in today’s business environment. Rory Vaden, New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of Southwestern Consulting explains, “People who talk about teamwork as if it’s an important part of the business are missing the point entirely. Teamwork is not a ‘part’ or business. Teamwork is the business, and the business is the team. So without teamwork, you have no business.”

As such, team building tactics and activities are an excellent way for employees to develop deeper relationships with one another and grow within their respective career. Furthermore, when employees feel like they play an important role on the team, it allows them to be better engaged, productive, happy and best of all, contribute to a strong company culture. So, it begs the question, why aren’t more companies investing in good team building activities?

Here are five benefits of team building and why organizations should invest in it.

1. Creates better social capital
Margaret Heffernan, an international businesswoman, and writer describes social capital as, “the trust, knowledge, reciprocity, and shared norms that create the quality of life and make a group resilient.” From office small talk to overcoming a work crisis together, social capital can take on many forms.  It is something that can always be further developed through team building. When social capital is present, the deeper relationships between employees can form.  Relationships can help make them a stronger team — willing to go the extra mile for a team member.

2. Grows strong organizational culture
When teams grow through team building, the better the culture they develop. The culture reinforces the mission and values of the organization. Courtney Klein, co-founder, and CEO of Seed Spot and Seed Spot Next explains:

“The single most powerful thing a team of people can do is build a common culture. A shared set of values – not the fluffy kind – but the really gritty kind. Culture can challenge and push people beyond what they previously thought possible. A group of people united under a shared vision and a common culture is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Leveraging the collective ideas of a team not only to build that culture but to keep those that don’t align out.  This is the real measure of an effective team. Having someone on the team that does not align is like a cancer that spreads out of control. A strong team of people can keep the cancer out.  And keep an organization healthy, pushing it to thrive under even the harshest of circumstances.”

Lastly, team building helps build a culture of belonging and this belonging can bring out the best in people—higher engagement, retention, etc.

Build a Culture of Belonging

3. Builds confidence
Team building is a great underlying tool that builds individual confidence. Have an employee that struggles with making company presentations? Have a team lunch and encourage that employee to discuss with the group something they are passionate about. The more casual and comfortable setting can help them develop their networking skills. In turn, this person will become more confident in speaking to groups. Team building activities, whether it’s developing a new skill or attending a sporting event, can have workplace benefits where employees can apply it to their next project.

4. Boosts overall team performance
Newly formed teams that participate in team building and team bonding experiences will work better together than those that do not. Why? In addition to forming better relationships, team building exercises can help employees learn each other’s hidden strengths. Teams can apply these interests back in the office. So when a big project hits a team’s desk, they will be more confident in what roles everyone should take. Moreover, team building can help teams produce better work quality at a more efficient rate.

5. Invites fun into the office
Lastly, team building is and should be fun for everyone involved! When planning an activity, be sure to let employees be a part of the decision-making process.  Learn what their interests are.  They’ll be more willing to participate. The last thing you want to do is pick an activity one or two people enjoy, and the rest of the team becomes disengaged.

Remember, having fun doesn’t have to strip away all the importance of work. As successful team building activities allow for employees to learn about each other and grow mutual respect. At Best Corporate Events, we offer unique programs that combine fun with a higher level of problem-solving, innovation and strategic planning. Furthermore, our events are designed to enhance individual and team growth. Through experiences that have a strong connection to teamwork, trust, and communication, solidifying the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets.

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At the end of the day, companies will be better off when they incorporate team building programs into their organizational culture.

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