Competition to Collaboration™

Competition to Collaboration™ is a unique program with a powerful message of organizational synergy. This engaging session will impart to your group coaching and mentoring skills while celebrating the success of colleagues.

Subgroups working in separate areas will complete challenging tasks, focusing on continuous improvement, effective problem solving strategies and high performance benchmarking.

Team One engages in a series of activities such as Kaizen and Speed Order. With several quick rounds sandwiched between strategy meetings, the goal here is for the team to put together the fastest possible time.

While this is occurring, Team Two is working on a version of the frenetic On Target, attempting to score as many points as possible in multiple 90-second rounds. In both of these activities, special attention is needed to avoid quality breeches, which result in penalties.

Teams are then thrown a curve ball! They now participate in team collaboration activities, sharing information with the other team about the task they just completed. They must openly divulge information and strategies, which will position the other team to outperform their benchmark. With this new twist, success is now measured by their ability to help the other team to outperform their previous best effort!

This synergistic approach highlights the positive results of sharing best practices and has a powerful message of team collaboration and celebrating the success of our colleagues.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this event may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

  • Competition to Collaboration building structure
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  • Comp to Coll 1
  • comp-discussion2
  • comp-ball-bounce
  • Competition to Collaboration discussion
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  • C2C 1
  • Comp to Coll 2
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  • "We held an off-site global team meeting with the goal of improving our processes and to provide optimal solutions to our stakeholders. I was tasked with providing some type of team building activity for our group. After much research, I found Best Corporate Events! I spoke at length with them to develop what turned out to be an amazingly successful event. I have already received numerous requests for contact information about the company."

    Ellen - Astellas Pharma Global Development
  • "Evaluation quotes from your Competition to Collaboration program…"We learned how the proper systems can make you exceed expectations." "When working with multiple people across varied tasks, trust others to do their part." "Don’t set my expectation low – aim HIGH!" "Learned to open my mind and use effective communication to overcome challenges." "Fun yet educational. I have a better knowledge of the other members and I have found that you can reach any goal by working as a strong team and in some cases by supporting the others for the benefit of all." "

    Leadership Institute at Bose
  • Group Size:
    30 to 500+
  • Team Size:
    8 to 10
  • Program Length:
    2 to 2.5 hours
  • Space Requirement:
    Flat outdoor area or large indoor space
Team Building Elements
  • Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning And Accountability
  • Communication Skills
  • Trust and Relationships
  • Competition
  • Physicality
  • Collaborative Idea Sharing
Goals, Outcomes and Debrief Topics
  • Competition to Drive Results - Using competition and continuous improvement to set the highest bar/best score in a given event.
  • Sharing of Best Practices - Understanding the big picture goal and positioning others for success.
  • Brainstorming and Innovation - Thinking creatively to develop a breakthrough process which translates to a surprising result.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes the team building program, prep, production coordination and all materials, program design, professional lead facilitator and staff.

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