In this challenging and multi-faceted event, sub-teams of 5 will be assigned specific roles while working together to replicate a pre-built structure – to be assembled in a totally different location - utilizing great verbal communication skills only through a chain of conversations!

We start this interactive initiative with an initial paired activity which will showcase to the participants the principles of precise 2-way communication.

After creating teams of 5, we then have each team member choose from the roles of the looker, the purchaser, one of two runners or the builder, based on the descriptions which we provide for each of the responsibilities.

With only the looker having visual access to the original structure, a flow of communication takes place by team members continuously garnering and passing along detailed information to three separate locations.

Those teams that can communicate clearly and apply the concepts of efficient 2-way communication, such as asking clarifying questions and checking your work through a “reverse flow” of information from the builder to looker, may come remarkably close to mirroring the original structure!

Is your team capable of the clear and concise information sharing required to complete a project without the use of notes, diagrams or technology (no pictures!)? This is the ultimate activity to drive home critical lessons that can be applied immediately to enhance clear communication in the workplace.

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Interactive Magic Show as a remote option!

This program can be delivered as a Hybrid Event.

Clients Talk About this Program

Our Total Recall team-building program was very organized. The communication needed to complete the activity was a great team builder, but the competition was definitely the most fun. Your lead facilitator was excellent and as far as our group enjoying the program as a whole, we give it a 10 out of 10!

Amanda, Studio Eagle
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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    30 - 1000+
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    2 - 2.5 hours
  • Space Requirement:
    3 separate breakout rooms - square footage determined by number of participants
  • Setting:
  • Physicality:

What's Included?

Pricing varies depending on the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes the team building program; prep; production coordination; all materials; a professional facilitator and staffing.

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