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Build-a-Wheelchair® is a corporate social responsibility program born out of a desire to help American veterans and others with various mobility challenges. In this fun and worthwhile program, groups use teamwork skills and iPads® activities to earn the materials necessary to assemble, test and decorate these new wheelchairs for donation.

A fun and engaging energizer, followed by a thorough program walkthrough by the lead facilitator, will kick off this impactful event. After your teams have built their wheelchairs, they will proceed to the safety station for a mechanical inspection. Once completed, artistic notes of encouragement are designed and attached. If space allows teams will then engage in an obstacle course maneuverability challenge against other teams.

The wheelchairs will then be staged with your teams for a memorable photo shoot. When possible, a representative from the chosen charity will now make a surprise appearance, sharing information about their organization and the impact your donation will have on the recipients.

The focal point of this CSR event is to benefit the countless people who, with your generous donation, will be gifted with these beautiful, brand new wheelchairs.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this program may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

Build-a-Wheelchair® is a registered trademark of Best Corporate Events, LLC.

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This program can be delivered as a Hybrid Event.

Clients Talk About this Program

It's been a while since I first contacted your sales department to ask about what we might work on together… phew! We’ve covered a lot of ground since then with 4 big programs in 3 countries building a total of over 800 wheelchairs! A BIG thank you for everything that we managed to achieve. Your Build-a-Wheelchair event was a HUGE hit for us at Dell.

Matt, Dell Global Communications

In my 12 years of managing engineers I have never had such wonderful feedback from my team for a team building exercise. The group thoroughly enjoyed the session, all felt that our ability to give back to the local community created a session that not only created an amazing team environment but allow them to focus on something other than themselves.

Mo, Fujitsu Network Communications

Build-a-wheelchair for veterans was a great cause. The program was fun and encouraged thinking outside the box. I liked being able to move throughout the iPad challenges without having to do everything in order. Allowing the groups to loosen up and not be so straightforward was a good team building experience. Taking pictures in different themes made it fun. A special thank you to your staff for the great job they did keeping the event going, no one was bored. It will be an event we will definitely do again. And, I will definitely pass along the name of Best Corporate Events.

Isabelle, Janssen Biotech, Inc.
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Program Details

  • Group Size:
    30 to 1,000+
  • Team Size:
  • Program Length:
    2 to 2.5 hours
  • Space Requirement:
    25 sq. ft. per person
  • Setting:
    Indoor / Outdoor
  • Physicality:

Program Elements

  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Relationship Building & Networking

What's Included?

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes wheelchairs, the team building program, prep, production coordination and all materials, program design, a professional lead facilitator and staffing.

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