Charity Miniature Golf Course Build™

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build is one of the fun, socially responsible teamwork activities offered by Best Corporate Events. In this program, your group is required to design and build unique one-of-a-kind mini golf holes to create one big miniature golf course for your group to play a round.

Green carpeting is provided as the putting surface and canned goods, boxed goods, and other building materials are provided to create bumpers, turns, and special obstacle challenges. Creativity, resource management, and teamwork all come into play in this engaging charity event.

A fun game of golf trivia is used to engage and rally the teams. Next, players will create their own competitive (and zany) golfer nickname, to display on their name-tags. Teammates work together on the concept, construction, theme, and rules of their hole as well as choosing various roles such as golfers, scorekeepers, and course officials.

With officials ensuring that the rules of each hole are adhered to, the competition begins! Both newcomers and experienced golfers can enjoy this fun event and the winning team will be anyone’s guess!

Once the tournament is complete, the groceries will be boxed and presented to a local food bank. Your team will feel a sense of accomplishment and the joy that comes from giving to those less fortunate.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of these team building activities may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

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  • "Your Charity Golf Course Build team building program was one of the most unique giving-back programs we have ever done. Fun, creative, competitive and philanthropic! It was a very nice twist of competition and caring."

    Kate - McKinsey
  • "When the 6,000 pounds of food was donated, the director pulled me aside and said, 'We had a meeting 3 weeks ago and came to the tough realization that this fall we would not have enough food to feed all the needy families of Las Vegas in our neediest time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In one amazing effort, you guys have solved that problem. Thank you!"

    Las Vegas Rescue Mission
  • "Wanted to say thank you to both you and Best Corporate Events for organizing on short notice and MC-ing the event tonight. Your facilitator did a great job and our teams had a great time. It was obvious the impact the program had on our company. We will definitely keep you in mind for any other events we have planned in the future."

    Warren - Sculptra Marketing
  • "Thank you for contacting the White Center Food Bank to be the recipient of food donation from the Best Corporate Events Charity Mini-Golf exercise at Cedarbrook Lodge. It was great meeting you and seeing the creative program you organized. The generous donation of 633 pounds of food will help feed hungry families and is greatly appreciated. On behalf of the White Center Food Bank, and all the people that have received help because of your generous donation, we thank you!"

    Audrey - White Center Food Bank
  • Group Size:
    30 to 1,000+
  • Team Size:
    8 to 10
  • Program Length:
    2 to 2.5 hours
  • Space Requirement:
    200 sq. ft. per team of 10
Team Building Elements
  • Competition
  • Planning And Accountability
  • Communication Skills
  • Trust and Relationships
  • Physicality
  • Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Collaborative Idea Sharing
Goals, Outcomes and Debrief Topics
  • Hands-On Teamwork - A team building activity that will challenge the group to explore the nuances of great golf holes and then collaborate to build a challenging one.
  • Brainstorming and Innovation - The benefits of exploring several innovative options and testing them before agreeing on the best.
  • Limited Resources - Succeeding in completing the task with limited materials and resources.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes canned and boxed goods, complete event coordination, program design, facilitators, master of ceremonies, building stations, materials and supplies, indoor/outdoor carpet, boxes, construction paper, team packets, and coordination with the donation.

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