The Vital Role of Partnerships for Effective Corporate Events

A group of corporate hands holding a puzzle piece together in a show of event partnerships.

One of the most crucial elements in producing successful corporate events is building and maintaining partnerships. The only way to ensure that all of the moving pieces will come together to deliver an outstanding event is by coordinating the efforts of reliable partners, people you can trust to deliver their piece of the puzzle dependably and on schedule.

Top Secrets of High-Performing Teams: Insights from Harvard Business Review

A high-performing team giving each other high fives in an office.

Every organization wants to build high-performing teams. But too often, leadership efforts focus on myths or misconceptions about how to achieve high performance. This post exposes some of those myths, sets the record straight, and provides practical research-based guidance. Following his 2021 Harvard Business Review article, 5 Things High-Performing Teams Do Differently, leadership consultant and […]