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Team Building Programs

  • A Minute 2 Win It! - High-energy, tabletop challenges
  • Amazing Chase SmartHunt® - Outdoor, Amazing Race-type scavenger hunt
  • Bike Build Donation® - Assemble bikes for children in need
  • Bridge to the Future™ - Build a bridge strong enough to hold a manned golf cart
  • Build-a-Raft Competition - Get out on the water in this event where teams build rafts and race them to the finish line
  • Catapult - Teams build a mini working catapult, then compete for best distance and most accurate launches
  • Chocolate Architect - Teams must build a bridge or other structure with chocolate and other candies
  • City SmartHunt® - Explore the city of your choice while you find landmarks, hunt for items, perform tasks and more
  • Competition to Collaboration® - Teams collaborate in a series of engaging activities that promote best sharing practices
  • Corporate Survivor - Form alliances and go head-to-head with the other “tribes” in this riveting event
  • Escape SmartHunt® - Indoor, Outdoor, Escape Room-type scavenger hunt
  • Food Truck Face-Off - Create your own food truck company and compete for best menu and marketing
  • Game Show Feud - Experience the fun and excitement of a live TV game show with this corporate team version of Family Feud.
  • Go-Kart Competition - This high speed competition is fueled by teamwork as groups must build and race their own concept car
  • Igniting Team Performance Series™ - A series of icebreakers and activities to develop relationships and enhance team communication and performance
  • Pipeline - Groups build Pipeline sections that are all connected for an incredible display of teamwork
  • Race Car Rally - Race Car Rally is an exciting program of fun, race-related activities that enable teams to assemble the race-worthy cars, built for speed, on special Lego car platforms!
  • Speed Networking - Teams rotate among various tables to interact and complete fun ice breaker activities
  • Team Olympics - A wacky, high-energy tournament full of physical activities where teams will compete to win a medal
  • The Corporate Canvas - Teams will create an inspirational art piece.
  • Total Recall - Total Recall is a higher-level team building program featuring communication.
  • Virtual Hooray for Hollywood! - Go glamorous with Virtual Hooray for Hollywood! where teams compete in rounds of TV and Movie related categories to earn points
  • Virtual Jeoparody! - Virtual Jeoparody! - our take on the classic TV game show that your group can enjoy remotely.
  • Virtual Name That Tune! - Strike a chord with Virtual Name that Tune! where teams compete in rounds of music-related categories to earn points
  • Virtual Price It Right! - Virtual Price It Right is a fun and interactive game that can be played by up to 100 people.
  • Virtual Scavenger Games SmartHunt® - Virtual Scavengers Games from your home using SmartHunts software.
  • Virtual Speed Networking - Virtual Speed Networking is a series of fun, get-to-know-you activities and challenges that encourage group discussions.
  • Virtual Survey Says! - Virtual Game Show version of Survey Says!
  • Virtual Trivia Blast! - Trivia Blast is the perfect virtual entertainment break from your virtual meetings and conferences.
  • Virtually Awesome ’80s! - Virtually Awesome ’80s! is a totally tubular stroll down memory lane where teams compete in rounds of '80s themed trivia


Corporate Training Workshops

Cooking Themed Events

  • Chili Cook-Off - A spicy competition where teams must invent and cook their own chili recipe
  • Fiesta Fun! - Teams compete to create and market their own brand of salsa, guacamole and margaritas
  • Food Truck Face-Off - Create your own food truck company and compete for best menu and marketing
  • Foodie SmartHunt® - Delicious, high-tech, Foodie SmartHunt!
  • Tapas and Sangria Making - Work with your team to make the most delicious tapas and sangrias and win the taste test

Charitable (CSR) Activities

  • Bears and Blankets - Teams work together to make teddy bears and blankets for donation to children who have experienced trauma
  • Bike Build Donation® - Assemble bikes for children in need
  • Build-a-Green Machine! - Assemble Huffy Green Machines for children in need
  • Build-a-Guitar® - Build and test electric guitars to donate to local schools and after school programs
  • Build-A-Rollator® - Build-a-Rollator team building program
  • Build-a-Wheelchair® - Build, test, and decorate new wheelchairs for donation to veterans and other mobility challenged
  • Charity Game Show - Participate in a Jeopardy or Family Feud-style game show to benefit a worthy cause of your choice
  • Donation Nation™ Care Packs - Infuse your group with goodwill and team spirit as you assemble care packages for your chosen charity.
  • Fostering Hope - Fostering Hope
  • Helping the Homeless - Helping the Homeless
  • Kids Rock!™ - Assemble and decorate rocking horses, rocking chairs and stuffed animals for delivery to children at local hospitals or schools
  • Locate and Donate SmartHunt® - A high-tech, customized scavenger hunt that finishes with a check donation to a charitable organization of your choice
  • Mini-Golf Build and Food Donation - Build a mini course using canned and boxed food items that will later be donated to a local charity
  • Minute 2 Win It! for Charity - Build bikes, teddy bears and wheelchairs for donation to a local charity
  • Operation Military Care - Support our troops with this series of activities concluding with the assembly of care packages the brave men and women serving in the military
  • Operation Toy Donation - Your team will rotate through various stations to assemble and wrap toys and other necessities for children in need
  • Project Alzheimer's™ - Participate in music-themed activities to earn MP3 players and other items to donate to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia
  • STEM Backpacks for Kids - STEM Backpacks for Kids is a heart-warming, charitable, team-building program devoted to promoting and emphasizing the Importance of education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • Wagon Build Donation™ - Wagon Build Donation™ with iPad® Activities
  • We Care for Schools™ - Teams work together to build kits containing items that are often in short supply in our nation’s schools