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Portland Team Building Activities

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Portland is America's Greenest City. With its dedication to environmental awareness, its meeting facilities and hotels provide a hip travel destination with eco-friendly options. The green experience extends to activities like eco-tours of organic vineyards, hiking trails to Multnomah Falls, and cycling bike paths. Portland is home to famed microbreweries, coffee houses, and eco-conscious attitudes. It's close to the shore of Willamette and Columbia Rivers downtown, which makes a perfect picturesque for your event.

Team building activities Portland offered by Best Corporate Events are designed to bond your team and improve communication. Fulfill CSR and charity goals with a Bike Build Donation®, Charity Mini-Golf Course Build or Locate & Donate™ scavenger hunt. With more than 50 customizable team building activities offered by highly experienced facilitators, there's no shortage of options for fun, engaging events. Crack the case with a high-tech Mystery of DaVinci SmartHunt®, or encourage friendly competition with Igniting Team Performance™.

Not able to gather in person? Our Virtual Team Building and Virtual Training programs can provide your group with a fulfilling and engaging experience remotely - anytime, anywhere, worldwide!

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What people are saying

We offer the best team building programs in Portland, with results that our clients love so much; they’ve rewarded us with a 5-Star Rating and some of the best reviews in the business! You’ll find over 1,000 client comments and videos on our website assuring you have partnered with the best team building company to deliver corporate events to your group.

EVERYTHING at our Portland team building, Food Truck Face-Off was fun. Working together with other employees that we didn’t have much contact with at work really made it a great team building exercise. The event was extremely organized and our group said they had the best time. Your lead facilitator was amazing!

Maria, Chopard USA
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Need help getting started or want a quote? We are here to help.
Email Sales@BestCorporateEvents.com or give us a call at 800.849.8326