MissionSquare Retirement / Bike / Sheila

Thank you again for everything.  The event was a huge success.  My team really enjoyed themselves and they thought our facilitator Wayne was hilarious and fun to work with.  The bikes turned out great.  They were delivered early the next morning.   Wayne made my job so easy.  I didn’t have to do anything but sit […]

Deutsche Leasing USA, Inc. / Cheryl Johnson / ITP

Our Igniting Team Performance event with Christa was nothing short of awesome, fantastic, and amazing! 😊 Christa – we can’t thank you enough for putting together the “spot-on” exercises that focused on the challenges our team is facing. Last night during our holiday dinner (while celebrating our victories) many comments and discussions were heard about […]

Shimmick Construction Company / Katy Hansen / Go-Kart

Everything turned out really great. Hattie and her team were amazing. I was hoping to get her a little more information about our industry/Shimmick to help “customize” it a little more, and never got to it. But she went on to our website and did her own research, which I was very impressed by. She […]

Bike Build / Blue and Co / Dustin Brown

We absolutely loved all of our Bike Build Donation program! Our facilitator Adam’s ability to connect the audience generated the best team building! We had so much fun seeing the interactions of the group. Just a big thanks all around – we absolutely loved it all

Virtual Best Corporate Feud / Baker Hughes / Veleeda Dohmann

Everyone said they enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud experience. The answers some of the team members came up with were so funny and the group relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Our host Paul was friendly, and very personable – he did a great job.

Breaking Through / Carleton University / Shannon Butters

I still can’t believe I broke through that board!  That was an amazing experience.  I can’t tell you how many people I have told about it…..and how exhilarating and empowering it was!  THANK YOU! Your guidance through that process really made a difference.  Thank you for believing in me!

Chocolate Architect / Novo Norodisk / Juanita

Our group all really enjoyed our Chocolate Architect program! I got lots of positive feedback on how fun it was, how they were able to meet new colleagues and collaborate with them in this activity, where in regular work – they wouldn’t interact with each other because their functions don’t overlap. The best team building […]