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Thousands of companies in North America, including most of the Fortune 100, trust BEST to deliver the perfect program for their group.
Our original programming, event apps, needs-assessment system, and experienced facilitators assure that we will always deliver the BEST Corporate Events.
Your Success is our Passion!

Companies that trust BCE

Your Bike Build Donation was by far one of our best events. My whole team had wonderful things to say about your lead facilitator, your staff and the event itself. What a great way to give back to the community. Having the kids come at the end was a very special touch that will be remembered forever. Thank you so much for making this event a huge success!


I wanted to let you know that we had an awesome event! Your lead facilitator and his team were the best! And it is fantastic that the children were able to come and the team could see where the bikes were going. The feedback I received was that this was the best event by far that we’ve ever done. A great big thank you to everyone for a very successful event! Best regards.

Visa, Inc.

Vital Steps to the Best Program


BEST Program Specialists

Collaborate with one of our experienced program specialists who will help you find the perfect program for your group.


BEST Needs Assessment

Participate in our Needs Assessment to accurately identify the desired end results for the participants in your group.


BEST Design

Allow us to tailor your program specifically for your group size, allotted time, goals, and outcomes.


BEST Facilitators

Enjoy your event delivered by experienced, professional facilitators who average 12 to 25 years of experience.

Professional Planners and DMCs Trust Us
Any company can tell you how great they are -- it’s only when they earn that distinction, that they should earn your business.

I wanted to take a minute to tell you want a fantastic job your team did for our client for their community service event. Our client was so happy with the event and the outcome. Your team was phenomenal – being able to pull this event off with all the last minute changes was amazing. We want you to know how great we think Best Corporate Events is, you are our go-to teambuilding company, and we truly appreciate the partnership!

thumb Claudia Wehrman
AlliedPRA San Diego

We did a corporate Bike Build Donation with iPads in January for one of our Fortune 500 clients. They loved it, and our client told us it was the best teambuilding event they’ve done in years. With the iPad® aspect of the event, his entire team participated whole-heartedly, with a level of engagement higher than past events. In fact, as a result of this event, the client has referred us to other divisions within the company for teambuilding.

thumb Ann Ramirez
Arrangements Unlimited Inc., DMC Network Company

How We Started

BEST was created by the merger of top U.S. companies in the fields of corporate events, professional development training, team building, interactive entertainment, and event technology. The seasoned corporate event professionals running those companies pooled their skill sets to launch an amazing line of original programming for the corporate world.

  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Professional Development
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Event Technology

The Future of Team Building

Your team will love the new category of high-tech team building programs we’ve created using iPads® we supply, running apps we’ve developed. Our experience and proprietary technology also allows us to deliver highly successful events with hundreds to thousands of participants.

Our Team

Our dedicated BEST teammates are professional program designers, experienced lead facilitators and assistants, knowledgeable salespeople, organized production coordinators, marketing specialists, graphic designers, and creative app and web developers - all led by seasoned team building partners on the cutting-edge of high-tech corporate event design and delivery.

Scott Flynn Founder and CEO
Roy Charette Managing Partner
Cathy Israel BCE COO
Bryan Burns SmartHunts COO
Joe Groves Director of Facilitation
Thomas Boles Lead Software Engineer
Gina Columbo Marketing Manager
Mychelle Corbett Client Relationship Manager
Karen Cubberley Sales
Libby Singer Sales
Sam Wilson Sales
Jennifer Amato Sales Coordinator
Pam Kane Charitable Resource Manager
Jessica Hendricks Sales Assistant
Sandy Ehrhardt Accounting
Michael Davis Lead Graphic Designer
Trish Flynn Executive Assistant
Parker Lakilak Production Manager
Jen Ciesluk Production Manager
Taylor Rogowski Production Coordinator
Amanda Dolly Production Coordinator
Jordan Boles Software Engineer
Alex Terrill Photo/Videographer
Paul Lead Facilitator
Steve Lead Facilitator
Sheryl Lead Facilitator
Peter Lead Facilitator
Michael Lead Facilitator
Badari Lead Facilitator
Adam Lead Facilitator
Christa Lead Facilitator
Russ Lead Facilitator
Phil Lead Facilitator
Bradley Lead Facilitator
Kari Lead Facilitator
Nate Lead Facilitator
Matt Lead Facilitator
Ben Lead Facilitator
Hattie Lead Facilitator
Chris Lead Facilitator
INDY Lead Facilitator
Kim Lead Facilitator
Gary Lead Facilitator
Jennifer Lead Facilitator
Rodney Lead Facilitator
Tim Lead Facilitator
Dan Lead Facilitator
Stanley Teammate
Kimberly Teammate
Lucy Teammate
Jay Teammate
Courtney Teammate
David Teammate
Tim Teammate
Erin Teammate
Lance Teammate
Caitlyn Teammate
Jennifer Teammate
Jessica Teammate
Carmen Teammate
Austin Teammate
Cindy Teammate
Tyrell Teammate
Pam Teammate
Michelle Teammate
Leeanne Teammate
Marian Teammate
Lena Teammate
Mike Teammate
Shari Teammate
Shelley Teammate
Tarina Teammate
Kennedy Teammate
Thomas Teammate
Alexandra Teammate
Vicky Teammate
Lauren Teammate
Dave Teammate
Eric Teammate
Richard Teammate
Dan Teammate
Travis Teammate
Steve Teammate
Michael Teammate
Mike Teammate
Ashley Teammate
Frankie Teammate
Kimberlee Teammate
Vince Teammate
Jamie Teammate
Helen Teammate
Linda Teammate
Jorge Teammate
Sam Teammate
Jaime Teammate
Noelle Teammate
Antonio Teammate
Lynda Teammate
Lauren Teammate
Alice Teammate
Sierra Teammate
Krystina Teammate
Marcus Teammate
Penny Teammate
Sharon Teammate
Jillian Teammate
Makayla Teammate
Jacqui Teammate
Mark Teammate
Ashley Teammate
London Teammate
Audra Teammate
Ann Teammate
Giovanti Teammate
Yoomi Teammate
Frank Teammate
Jose Teammate
Carter Teammate
Chelsea Teammate
Judy Teammate
Jonathan Teammate
Summer Teammate
Byron Teammate
Bethany Teammate
Michael Teammate
Gillian Teammate
Carlos Teammate
Barbie Teammate
Mischa Teammate
Casey Teammate
Thomas Teammate
DeAnna Teammate
Brittany Teammate
Christine Teammate
Maureen Teammate
John Teammate
Erin Teammate
Lauren Teammate
Joe Teammate
Thomas Teammate
Freya Teammate
Leslie Teammate
Lauren Teammate
Amanda Teammate
Bob Teammate
Andrea Teammate
Juan Teammate
Jason Teammate
Michael Teammate
Alex Teammate
Neonna Teammate
Erika Teammate
Kaycee Teammate
Monique Teammate
Paul Teammate
Mary Teammate
Ilinca Teammate
Nancy Teammate
Jennifer Teammate
Archie Teammate
Brenda Teammate
Phil Teammate
Nick Teammate
Matt Teammate
Andrew Teammate
Marielle Teammate
Coleen Teammate
Devon Teammate
Thomas Teammate
Nadine Teammate
Rachael Teammate
Elizabeth Teammate