Teams with their completed Operation Military Care donation stacked in the shape of the American flag

Why Charitable Programs Help Teams Connect

“Light is the task where many share the toil.” -Homer

We here at Best Corporate Events find that charitable programs are incredibly effective at helping teams forge connections. Feedback from our thousands of ecstatic clients over the years has shown this to be accurate; when companies engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), team building works.

When teams are focused on a significant, challenging task at hand – not on themselves – there’s no time nor need for self-consciousness.  Instead, they genuinely work together to overcome each step. It’s the difference between the thoughts one might have while doing the clichéd “trust fall” exercise (worries about one’s own physical proximity and safety) and the thoughts one might have while building a bike for a local underprivileged child who wouldn’t otherwise get to ride (focus on helping the team make the bicycle correctly and on the kid who will be overjoyed).

Teams can paint a breathtaking mural to brighten up a nearby hospice (Art of Giving) or assemble care packages for soldiers oversees (Operation Military Care) or assemble teddy bears and rocking horses (We Care for Kids™) – and whatever the charitable program, they’ll find they have truly bonded, truly worked as a cohesive group, and truly learned to collaborate, without having to think about it.  It’s a win-win: companies unselfishly help their communities and simultaneously learn team building trust that carries over long-term.