2 Bulldogs - ugly sweater
  • By Gina Shanks
  • In Holiday
  • Posted December 14, 2017

That Ugly Sweater Is In Fashion

Why do we want to wear an ugly sweater? 

For some reasons we may never understand, the month of December influences people to bring out their most fabulous ugly sweater. It has become so popular that the third Friday of December has been named “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” and this Friday, December 15th, people all over the U.S. will celebrate.

So why do we want to wear something so hilariously hideous and how did it start? Maybe it was in the 80’s with shows like The Cosby Show and characters in movies like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation that lead the way for this trend to take off.

Have no fear – from red and green pom-poms to silly designs; these ugly holiday sweaters are pretty easy to find. So next time you receive a holiday party invitation from your company or friends that states “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party,” don’t be afraid to wear the tackiest and gaudiest sweater you can find, the uglier, the better.  People in the U.S. can’t wait to stay up to date with the latest fashion trend, even if it’s a bad one!

Want to make it even uglier, consider some of these tips:

  • Add more color, embellishments, glitter or tinsel
  • Light it up – add some flashing lights!
  • Give it some 80’s flair with reindeer, cats, and other animals
  • Add pins, bows, garland and funny holiday decor from around the house

Don’t be shy. Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy spending time with family, friends, and coworkers wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater.  You will have fun and definitely be entertaining.  Don’t forget to share it on social media! #NationalUglyChristmasSweaterDay