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Teamwork in Unexpected Places: Pageant of the Masters

“The music soars. The curtains open. The audience gasps.” –Josh Jenisch, in his article Masterpiece Theater, Westways Magazine

When someone tosses out the word “team,” the listener often first thinks of the most common uses, like a sports team or an expedition.  But any company or group uses teamwork, and the programs we offer strengthen their bonds no matter what field they’re in.  As part of our continuing series highlighting teams working in interesting situations, let’s take a look at the extraordinary Pageant of the Masters, a theatrical performance which combines live “living statue” actors and carefully-crafted sets to recreate incredible works of art in person, each held for a few minutes.

According to a recent article, the number of people who collaborate to create this breathtaking spectacle is staggering.  It requires over 60,000 volunteer hours and over 6 months of planning each year to put together the costumes, make-up plots, sets, and designs.  That means hundreds of pounds of clay, plaster, paint, sponges, and muslin in the hands of many hundreds of experts.  Not just one but two full casts rotate through the show.  There are over 120 volunteers just in the make-up department.  And all of this has been running smoothly for 80 years!

We know from experience that no matter the field you’re in, teamwork is vital, and our corporate events truly do help, so you can head back to work invigorated, inspired, and ready to be the masters of your craft!