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Tips On How To Create the Teams at Your Next Event

Deciding How to Create the Teams At Your Event

There are two ways you can create the teams at your event.  You either pre-select groups yourself prior to the event or agree to randomly create the teams as part of the program kick-off hosted by our facilitator. Both options will afford some great benefits, let’s explore them here.

The reasons you want to pre-select teams yourself. 

  • You have individuals that already interact with each other in the workplace on a regular basis. You want your employees to have a different type of shared experience that is bonding and will allow them to enjoy each other’s company in a fun and stress-free setting.  
  • A CSR program like the “Bike Build Donation” with a giveback component to helping the community or an energizing, competitive building event like “Pipeline” are common choices for this scenario and provide a great opportunity to strengthen those existing relationships.
  • You would like to prevent participants from automatically gravitating to the folks that they normally would interact with. Therefore, you pre-select the teams in an effort to mix up people from different departments or for very specific reasons related to future work goals. This also helps to plant the seeds for new productive relationships in an environment that is designed for positive interaction without feeling “forced”.  Any program from the Best menu would meet this goal with some of our most popular choices including “Build a Guitar” or “Chocolate Architect.”
  • You have a newly formed project team and it is imperative that they start working well together very quickly. The workshop “Igniting Team Performance” will help you fast-track the group into exploring work-styles while completing fun and challenging initiatives together. In this workshop, groups will also get hands-on experiences in the tenants of high-performing teams including goal setting, role clarification, meeting management, time management and rotational leadership. The “DiSC” workshop is also a great fit for this scenario as participants will foster a greater appreciation for behavior and skill differences while related the key lessons to the positive and productive team dynamic.

You want the facilitator to split up the teams randomly as part of the kick-off and opening ice-breaker.

  • You do not want to pre-select teams and you would like the participants to see that the choice is truly “random” and in the moment. This keeps them from wondering “why” and “how” the teams were selected and is a wonderful chance to expand and grow the network of productive workplace relationships. Any of the Best choices would be great for this scenario, but “Speed Networking” is an exceptional choice with the bonus of having participants continually switching to different table assignments for each (up to 6) mini-activity thus ensuring that each person will interact with up to 60 different team members!